Fridge Magnet with QR Code Scanner to Keep You Up-To-Date with Your Food Condition In The Fridge

Apparently keeping track of your food in the fridge is not that easy, as we’ve seen many designers have come up with unique and innovative solutions to remind you about expiration date of your food. Fridge Magnet is one of those innovative designs that features QR code scanning function to keep you up-to-date with everything you have in the fridge.

The QR code scanner on the magnet can be used to register any information about the food from the name, place of origin, production date, expiration date, and proper temperature for best preservation. As time goes by, this device will change its color to give you a strong visual reminder about the food’s level of freshness. You’ll notice the green or red color, green means your food is still fresh and red means your food has deteriorated, you need to throw it away. These fridge magnets also double as children’s toy where they can learn about food as well as notify their parents what kinds of food they would like to have for dinner.

Designers : Hu Yaxing, Chen Zhipeng, Liao Haibo, and Tang Yigang

Fridge Magnet with QR Code Scanning Function

Fridge Magnet with QR Code Scanning Function

Fridge Magnet with QR Code Scanning Function

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