4P Camera System for Action Sports and Extreme Conditions

4P is an innovative camera system specially designed for the industry of action sports and other extreme conditions. In fact, this camera is implying the existing technology in a modern manner to completely redefine the relationship of a user and a camera. This superb camera features a scanner that can track its subject automatically which eliminates the necessity of an additional photographer. With this device, a non-pro athlete can self-document their actions and share the photos with their local community. The camera includes a GPS beacon which can send out required signal to the camera to track its object as well as work as a remote control of this camera.

4p action camera

4p action camera

4p action camera

4p action camera

4p action camera

Designer : Patrick Nally

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4 thoughts on “4P Camera System for Action Sports and Extreme Conditions

  1. Nice idea mate but i came up with this idea two years ago for my final design project at University. To me this a blatant copy and a breach of copyright. I would like to know exactly how "you" came up with this idea?

  2. hi my name is Matthew smith i am currently making a documentary about up coming new tech that will be coming out soon i was wondering if we may come and film you and ask some questions about the product can you please email me at [email protected]

  3. i got some ideas to make it better…much better that this!!! it will give so much value added that yours is going to disappear…you'll hear about it (that's my idea too, so it's two people claiming you copied it….or maybe you just didn't develop anything and you just claim it…

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