Use eWallet to Shop in The Future

Mukai Shen just designed an eWallet that might be used in the future. Integrated with WIFI and RFID to connect to people and objects. The clamshell style concept is to give you the ability to window shop, you can also customize the color and fit. eWallet gives you the ability to purchase direct from its interface, awesome isn’t it ? Can’t wait to hold it in my hand when I go shopping…

ewallet to shop

future wallet to shop

Designer : Mukai Shen

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zandile says: July 21, 2008

I would like to find out what technology did you use to design the e-wallet. I am doing something like that for my final project.


Jackson Hsu says: June 22, 2010

Hi there,

Is there more information on this E-Wallet on RFID? I’m interested to know more, and where can I get this? And if so, is there any other more design from it?

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.



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