Touch Tape Measure Concept Is A Great Instrument to Measure Non-Flat Surfaces

Measuring non-flat surface would be easy with Touch Tape Measure. This concept offers you an easy way to measure any object, it’s a thread-based tape measure with a suction cup. Unlike our traditional tape measures, we can’t get accurate measurement of non-flat surfaces, not to mention professional tape measures are too big to carry around. There’s a suction cup attached to the thread to mark the start and an OLED panel informs you about the distance measured. Pretty nice idea isn’t it?

Designers : Prof. Yang Ming-Chin and Chen Hsin I

Touch Tape Measure Concept

Touch Tape Measure Concept

Touch Tape Measure Concept

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Troy Abegglen says: February 21, 2013

Was this ever developed? We're looking for this product!

keerthi says: June 11, 2013

This is a really good equipment! Measuring the non flat surfaces was a head ache in the past. I think there are few devices in the world that offer such flexibility. This was a greet post by the way!

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