Touch & Go Navigation System Directs Blind People to Locate Their Destination

The Touch & Go is an innovative navigation system that has been designed for the blind people to make them self-directed. The device acts as a wearable navigator comprising a hand gadget along with an earpiece and a tactile display that provides the directions as a map. The device gives direction at 1:1000 scale and remains in the center of the position of the users. An indicating arrow directs the user to move in and supports the user via auditory signals to the earphone, equipped with an ultrasonic transmitter-receiver. Using the device is convenient; it remains tied with the back of the user’s hand with included straps.

touch and go

touch and go

touch and go

touch and go

touch and go

Designer : Natalia Ponomareva

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Mpen Man says: March 2, 2010

really awesome idea – I love how the simple device genuinly would help people out – it might be better aimed at kids just finding their feet though, it gets easier with time

stephen russell says: March 3, 2010

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shafqatmajeed says: March 10, 2010

sir i m a student of electrical engineering in pakistan .I want to make a final degree project(system for blind people).Would u like to help email address is{}

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