The Puffin Air Vehicle-A Comprehensive Personal Transportation for Future

The puffin personal air vehicle concept has been designed with an unusual appearance and features vertical take-off and landing that enables people to use it anywhere. This innovative concept utilizes revolutionary technical challenges to make it an environmental friendly bird by featuring zero emission electric engines. The compact shape and lightweight construction of this single-seater air vehicle contains electric motors that can generate a total of 60 horsepower to hover. The average cruising speed of puffin is 150 mph, however, the efficiency of the cruising may enhance at lower speeds. The total length of the aircraft is 12-foot and the wingspan is 14.5-foot, making it suitable to store in any traditional size garages.

the puffin air vehicle

the puffin air vehicle

Designer : Nasa

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Recharge My Batterie says: March 2, 2010

Great Design – not sure If I get how the bottom bit is supposed to work but I could see similar vehicles being used by military etc

stephen russell says: March 3, 2010

Need aft mounted TV sensors for pilot & add space for 2-4 passengers alone.

See 1950s Pogo style X Fighter concepts.

Same idea.

But fix the tail landing plan alone.

Must fix this or thing wont fly

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