Aston Martin “One-77” Limited Edition

“Style” can be a small word for this beautifully designed car. It is surely going to be the world’s most desirable automotive art form. Marek Reichmann along with his team has designed “One-77”, a car known to be faster than any current Aston Martin. Whether you talk about the looks or interiors, everything is just amazing. The significance of the One-77 name, which won’t be used for production cars, is that Aston intends to build no more than 77 cars. The exact number is believed to have been chosen because of CEO Ulrich Bez’s belief in “lucky 7”. The ultra-premium One-77 fuses advanced technology with excellent performance. It is based on a sophisticated carbon fibre chassis with a handcrafted aluminium body and having both left and right hand drive availability. The owner of this amazingly designed car is definitely going to be the luckiest one.

aston martin one of 77

aston martin one of 77

aston martin one of 77

aston martin one of 77

aston martin one of 77

Designer : Marek Reichmann

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One thought on “Aston Martin “One-77” Limited Edition

  1. Id drive one, Id rent one, Darn that price & building only 77, Darn.
    Be Cool drivin in Newport Beach CA SO CA area.
    Must car for 007 to drive, though I love the Vantage & Vanquish coupes.
    (one can buy Die Another Day Aston for 125K USD).

    Love the One-77 model.
    How about One-100.

    IE Century Seris Aston Martin Classics???
    Hello Aston Martin.
    Now what will Ferrari do next?
    My One-77 needs E Gear, Manumatic mode

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