The Next White Helio Prototype

This is really cool smart phone that make me really drooling all over, it’s been running around through worldwide web without any official statement. Look at the full qwerty keyboard, I definitely want one !! Rumor said that this is fujitsu new helio protype, they were created to explore the possibilities for smartphones. Anyone knows about this prototype please let me know …



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CHRIS says: April 18, 2008


jenny says: November 28, 2008

i want one,

tell me how

raymond says: February 25, 2009

first of all that white phone isnt for helio that was edited in photo shop to have helio but its not for helio

Lard says: July 10, 2009

i like this phone= i want 1 . (:


chris says: November 10, 2009

its chris again now i know that The Prototype is a fake my friend told me his cousin works for helio which fyi is now Virgin Mobile

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