Kitchen Nano Garden Serves Excellent Way To Grow Your Own Vegetables

Nothing can be as frustrating as loitering and searching for fresh vegetables from the market. These days, more and more people aspire to grow fresh vegetables and fruits right in their garden. As parents and communities bestow more consideration to safe food for their kids, the local food campaign is earning immense popularity. Perhaps, most people try to protect the surroundings by reducing energy-consumption associated with foodstuff distribution from faraway farmers. Although the desire to grow fresh vegetables at home seems to be growing among more people, the shortage of enough garden space or no garden space at all is the biggest hindrance.

Well, the new Kitchen Nano Garden serves as an excellent way to grow fresh vegetables right in your kitchen, without the use of pesticides or fertilizers. Just place the Kitchen Nano Garden beside the Kitchen counter and grow your favorite vegetables, herbs and flowers without any hassle. Not only does this hydroponic system provides healthy and chemical-free produce, it as well serves as an education tool for children. Nano Garden employs LED lighting that promotes plant growth, without the need of sunlight. The water used while cooking or washing the dishes is recycled to provide nutrients to the hydroponics. Taking only a section of the area, this petite kitchen garden serves an excellent way to grow fresh fruits and vegetables.

Designers : Lee Hyun-Jung, Park Jae-Yong, Shon Chang-Jin, and Park Seul-Ki

Kitchen Nano Garden

Kitchen Nano Garden

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15 thoughts on “Kitchen Nano Garden Serves Excellent Way To Grow Your Own Vegetables

  1. don't think it's gonna work well.
    1. a family of four consumes much more vegetables in a month than this thing can generate in a year.
    2. most of the vegetables grow in certain season of the year, and markets get them from different part of the world, while this thing can only produce them ones or twice a years.
    3. conditions of growing vegetables are different for every kind, mostly all of them need a bigger ground depth and space for roots. There are really few that can grow like it's shown on a picture.
    4. considering the cost of this technology, even if this thing will be able to grow anything, that anything will be too expensive. So it's nothing but a nice picture and idea.

  2. I hope this can be attained by condo owners like me in the future. I would love to produce my own lettuce and other vegetables for my daily salad intake. This fosters organic urban food.

  3. This concept is based on the growing demand for integrated gardens for condo units. This makes for a living and breathing space that can also be sourced for organic food. The maintenance cost will be another thing as it is not cheap.

  4. If this is a mobile and portable garden, I picture and fancy it as applicable to condos, lofts and motorhomes. That would be something.

  5. Suddenly, cooking up a delicious dinner just got a whole lot easier. Can you imagine being able to pick the freshest ingredients without having to stray too far from the kitchen counter?

  6. This kind of defeats the purpose of going out and enjoying a little sunshine. Isn’t that one of the big reasons why gardening is enjoyable and good for the health?

  7. wow! I really don’t know what to say.It’s really a unique one.You can really eat fresh vegetables everyday if you have this kind of garden just inside the house.

  8. This is such a cool idea. I’m sure if any company where to sell something like this right now, they’d do very well for themselves.

  9. Wow! What an interesting concept! I would definitely want this in my home! Just looking at the greenery in my kitchen would make my heart so happy 💕

  10. As you can tell by the plants in the picture this unit would only be good for herbs and micro greens. However, micro greens are actually more healthy than there full size versions and most always quite tender because they do not grow as long or as large. It just takes more for a pot of mustard greens.

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