Leveraged Freedom Chair for Disabled People in Developing Countries

Standard wheelchair is not enough when you have to go through rough terrain, this is the problem that Leveraged Freedom Chair wants to tackle. To millions of disabled people, wheelchair is a great aid for mobility, what if we can increase the flexibility of this chair regardless nature’s condition? This idea makes Continuum to work together with MIT’s Mobility Lab to design the next generation...
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Ziesel Electric Offroad Vehicle for Outdoor Fun

The Ziesel is a pioneer for mobility by combining sustainable and environment-friendly technologies with pure outdoor fun. It is the only barrierfree sport-vehicle with electrical high-performance power for fun and freedom in nature. The Ziesel was developed for outdoor action and can be used all year round with impressive performance on almost all surfaces like: snow, sand, stone, mud, grass and ...
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Three-Wheeled Car for Handicapped People or Senior Citizen with Limited Mobility

This project is about a three-wheeled car for handicapped people or senior citizen with limited mobility. The basic dimensions of the vehicle are 1793mm (W) x 3612mm (L) x 1800mm (H), the main frame is constructed of steel while the body uses fiberglass. This concept vehicle has been designed to accommodate 2 passengers and one of them on a wheelchair. This electric vehicle is able to travel up...
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Wheelcare : Ergonomically Designed Wheelchair by Che-Yu Lu

WheelCare is an ergonomically designed wheelchair not only for the patients but also for the assistants, both of them are considered users of this wheelchair. WheelCare has been designed to prevent work injury to the assistants by redesigned the handle, seat, hanger, rear pedals and front pedals, make them adjustable and easier to use. Tube-shaped structure allows the users to install extensional ...
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Independent Wheelchair Assist (IWA) : Motorized Add-on for Wheelchair by Oscar Fernandez

For wheelchair bound people, it would be great to be able to travel freely to destination outside their home independently. Independent Wheelchair Assist (IWA) is more like a motorized add-on, a temporary power assist device for manual wheelchair users in developed countries. Simply attach IWA from the rear using a small bracket to user’s wheelchair, this bracket slides into the mechanism locate...
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Velo Modular Handcycle for Wheelchair User Who Wants to Play Sports

Velo Modular Handcycle for wheelchair user has been designed to facilitate individuals who want to get active or simply want to try to do sports activities. Aimed at Disability sports clubs, Velo features modular interface that offers a fresh look on increasing popular sports for wheelchair users. With The Olympics and Paralympics scheduled for summer 2012 in the United Kingdom, there is an expect...
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Parafree Wheelchair by Felix Lange

The Parafree wheelchair is a sporty core-body training machine for paraplegics with the outstanding benefit of comfort in everyday use. Its design language and structure support active users in self-confidence and independence as you already know, sport can be a passion and helps reduce depression. Sport inspires hope and eases disappointments. This concept wheelchair compels the paralyzed user to...
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Comb Multifolding Wheelchair : Fully Adjustable Concept Wheelchair by Rudolf Mihu

The main inspiration of Comb Multifolding Wheelchair came from the limitation of space which will be unavoidable in the future. This concept wheelchair features innovative folding mechanism that enables its user to easily store when not in use or when traveling by car. This industrial designer plans to use ultra light yet very durable materials (such as aluminum, carbon fiber or titanium) to const...
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Wheel+Chair : A Wheelchair Without Chair For Easy Transportation and Distribution

This Wheel+Chair concept is very innovative, it transforms your own chair into a fully functional wheelchair. By utilizing user’s own chair, the production and transportation cost of this unit will drastically reduce, a wheelchair without a chair. There are still many disabled people who can’t afford a wheelchair, especially in the world’s poorest regions. Even the cheapest wheelchair can be...
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Ultra Long Distance Wheelchair by Andrew Mitchell

Disabled people can enjoy touring bicycle racing with Ultra Long Distance Wheelchair. This wheelchair design features the same principles of performance and sturdiness which are used in designing touring bicycles. The main objectives when designing this wheelchair were to provide comfort and optimal performance for its user, it has to be more than just an aspirational stylistic experiment. To push...
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Sliding Wheelchair : Adjustable Wheelchair With Slidable Seat

Sliding Wheelchair is ideal for people who are under special care and who find it difficult to move from their bed to the wheelchair. This wheelchair design features an adjustable height with a sliding seat that brings convenience to the chore of moving amid the chair and the bed. This design proves to be highly useful for the caregiver as well as the receiver of the care. Designed with universal ...
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Modern Wheelchair Design by Facundo Elias

Many designers are trying to come up with unique next generation wheelchair concept in order to fall back on conventional materials and technology. The newest wheelchair design concept by Facundo Elias is worth appreciating. In terms of its overall design, the wheelchair features two large wheels for main support, one small wheel behind and a comfortable leg-resting pad. The seat offers real comfo...
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Little Mermaid Inflatable Water Toy For Wheelchair-Bound Children

Limited legs movement should not stop children to have fun playing in water. Cute Little Mermaid is an inflatable water toy that has been designed for wheelchair-bound children who can’t use their legs freely. Children can move this toy forward by turning the wheel with their hands; it’s a fun water toy. It provides exercise for the arms and helps with muscle development, while the gentle move...
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Cojoy : Bicycle for Two Persons That Was Inspired By Dual Paddle Boat and A Wheelchair

Cojoy is a bicycle concept for two persons, inspired from the dual paddle boat along with an operational wheelchair, and is designed to offer sheer fun for the bicycle riders. Each rider is designed to control one wheel separately of the bicycle. The seat angle of the concept is totally adjustable by using the handle according to the need of individual riders. It runs straight when two riders peda...
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X30 Next Generation WheelChair

The X30 wheelchair has been designed keeping in mind the strain that the physically challenged have to undergo in situation where there is no help in hand. Designed by Danish designer Ulrik Svenningsen, the design helps in reducing the strain in hands, and shoulder which some times leads to injuries to them and also puts the device for long term use and improves comfort and mobility. Also these wh...
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