X30 Next Generation WheelChair

The X30 wheelchair has been designed keeping in mind the strain that the physically challenged have to undergo in situation where there is no help in hand. Designed by Danish designer Ulrik Svenningsen, the design helps in reducing the strain in hands, and shoulder which some times leads to injuries to them and also puts the device for long term use and improves comfort and mobility. Also these wheelchairs are strong, long lasting and easier to maneuver while going up the inclined surfaces and ramps etc. and also address the issue of transferring the user to and from the wheelchair. Definitely a touching thought for a practical thought.

x30 wheelchair

x30 wheelchair

x30 wheelchair

x30 wheelchair

Designer : Ulrik Svenningsen

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8 thoughts on “X30 Next Generation WheelChair

  1. Defenitely the best looking wheel chair design I have ever seen and I was just looking for one for my grandmother.

    Hope to see it being produced!

  2. I am always pushing then balancing what I am carrying upon my lap then I give a healthy two hand push, then I balance what's on my lap, etc… I really don't know if I can propel this chair with something on my lap moving my hands from the levers then to the objects on my lap and back fast enough to keep something from hitting the floor… I agree with the great comments about this chair I WOULD LOVE to have one of these, I was only speaking practically about where I find myself often times. Does anybody know how much this chair costs?

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