Single Seat Helicopter Design by Igarashi Design

Igarashi Design has introduced a single seat helicopter with amazing looks. It is equipped with everything that is required to give the private flight a higher reliability. But you need to take pilot training before flying your own helicopter because only one person can sit and operate this helicopter. The design looks like a robot if you see the front right look. It is very small in size as compared to other helicopters. So, get ready to take the risk and enjoy your flight.

helicopter design

helicopter design

helicopter design

Designer : Igarashi Design

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sIRwa2 says: September 25, 2008

Igarashi is an amazing 3d artist, working with cinema4D these renders are some 3 / 4 years old i think( 2002/2003), He made an whole series of cool machine's like a snow bike, a weird looking jet ski.. but i never managed to find all his pictures on the net.. they where used in a ad from maxon (cinema4d)

in this pic you see all 4 of them, i never seen a decent pic of the jet ski and little orange bike..….

    koltuk takimlari says: July 18, 2013

    i dont think igarashi is great as others, but yes he has talent. no doubt.. :p

TheFuture says: September 25, 2008

@sirwa2, check out their website, they have several images of their vehicle design, perhaps you mean this with little orange bike :

jheylin says: September 25, 2008

I've always wanted a vehicle of some sort from all those anime movies I've seen. If I can't have the motorcycle from Akira I'd settle for this. ;)

Konstanty says: September 26, 2008

Looks like a mini-hunter chopper from half life 2

sIRwa2 says: September 28, 2008


no, trust me, i have looked,, check the pic from the link i posted. there are more awsome machines on the wall..

anon says: October 15, 2008

What's the gas mileage on that thing?

khadijah hogan says: November 6, 2008

this is very cool

Ben says: January 26, 2009

could you please give me the contact details for the manufacturer of the igarashi design helicopter. Awesome machine.I am crossing my fingers it is in production.



stephen russell says: March 8, 2009

Love to rent this, but Id be better in a 2 person or 4 person mode.

& to have module for camping gear, food & can be used in this Apps:

Search Rescue


Recon, scout

cable layer

Traffic report copter (LA CA).

Fire fighting.


Medevac- carry 4 patients in external modules?

Light Cargo.

& Id add NOTAR- NO Tail Rotor for max control.

(less stick use)

Oladunjoye .P. Taiye says: May 5, 2009

Your designs are very simple & practical…you are doing a GREAT job. We hope by the time we finish our proposed project (one seated helicopter), you will all celebrate with us. Amen!

LaWanna Moore says: July 16, 2009

That looks like a decepacon; lmfa0;

aaditya says: August 24, 2009

i wanna know about the future helicopter and i can also design the future helicopter.iam living in the nepal and its capital is kathmandu.i live in the klimati,near the kumudini high schoo because my school name is kumudini high school and i am studying in class ten my real name is chandan jaiswal..

rochelle jordan says: October 28, 2009

where can i buy the helicopter by igarashi?

shyamaprosad says: May 13, 2010

Its so nice i want to know more about it

Ahmed Kasem says: June 8, 2010

It is agreat evidence on the great of science

ali abdi says: August 12, 2010

hello top manager …

I am going to buy some mini helicopter designing maps … how to do so

with thanks lot

Abdi ali


uvaiz s says: September 15, 2010

super design

NurHasan Mujamsyah Putran says: November 11, 2010

waw,, beatiful design ,,

mike says: November 17, 2010

wow this is a nice design seems like a lot of work

aparkin says: March 27, 2011

is it real dose it fly how much would it cost

Mr. No-one says: April 1, 2011

Wow, Is this actually in production?

gompo tashi says: July 8, 2012

OMG its kick ass … would be so nice if u could show us engine part of this beautiful lady,,,, lol

saiful says: February 9, 2013

Looks like a mini chopper

sk nishad says: July 20, 2013

this helicopter is very nice but your not show his minimum price

Jon says: December 17, 2013

The design looks like something out of an awesome video game! Once I win the lottery I am buying one :p

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