Show Time Using Ex-Time

The new style about show time,”Ex-time” directly shows the current time as well as second, minute, hour elapsing at different plane. If you touch the change button, it automatically goes into “show date” interface in which day, month, year show as the same style. In the dark, it is cool that you can project the time to anywhere with “Ex-time”.

ex time

ex time

Designer : Rong Yong

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kiran says: October 19, 2007

can we buy this watchs? if possible how Thank you

rufena says: October 25, 2007

i want to buy this watch,but how much is it?

tuvie says: October 27, 2007

well, since this is just concept, you can't buy it. But if the watch already manufactured, then I'll publish it here, so do check out often ;)


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