Shooter, Very Cool Gun-Type Fire Extinguisher Concept

Have you ever imagined to put the fire off in a cool way? Well, this fire extinguisher design is submitted by Eun Jung Kim might answer your question. Shooter is new gun-type fire extinguisher concept. The design addresses some of the many problems of existing fire extinguishers. A person does not need to approach a fire too closely in order to extinguish it. First shoot the laser pointer in the direction of the fire, then shoot the fire-extinguishing bullet into the fire. Be very careful with the Shooter, it can be very addictive …

shooter fire extinguisher concept

shooter fire extinguisher concept

From the designers :

The bullet has a flexible material surface, when it hits the wall, the “cap” separates from the ‘bullet’ so it can reduce the danger. An alarm button is available behind the handle of shooter, this comes pretty handy to warn the others about the fire.

shooter fire extinguisher concept

shooter fire extinguisher concept

shooter fire extinguisher concept

shooter fire extinguisher concept

Designer : Eunjung Kim, Yangwoo Kim, Junyi Heo, and Ha Young Song

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boby says: September 8, 2008

lol i like the laser, it'll come in handy when u get those annoying fires 1 cm big, well now u can pinpoint em.

RATEMYIDEAS says: September 8, 2008

Awesome idea! Get this fire extinguisher rated now:

gyouwhy says: September 8, 2008

please show me something new if the designer cannot figure out that burning rubber is in itself dangerous he has bigger problems to solve !!

Prakash says: October 29, 2008

Good initiative. Have you supplied it commercially. Please send us a quotation on this fire extinguisher

Prakash says: October 29, 2008

please send us quotation for set

dimitri gill says: February 4, 2009

hi there

nice product looks like anyone can handle without fear of using it

love to sell your product as an official


please send more photos brochures and cost


dimitri gill

303-32950 amicus place

abbotsford b c

canada v2s 6g9

i know i could sell alot

abdulla Mohamed says: July 13, 2009


wonderful idea please send us quotation for it


Aarif Khan says: August 27, 2009

Excellent Technology,
Glad to know more about it with quotation

Arun Pandurang says: October 28, 2009

Where can one make an inquiry for the purchase of the same. Has it been commercially released in the market. Is there a website where it can be seen

karuppiah says: September 6, 2010

kindly send your price list and addrass dedails

031 says: July 2, 2012

Can you please send me quotation and more details about this product?
wish to bring this cool product into my country.

Abdulmalik says: May 19, 2015

please i need more information. And could you send a quotation with your address.


truth says: December 29, 2015

In a fire the laser sight is completely useless, the flames will be too bright for you to see the laser…..

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