Self Rescue Bracelet : Simply Pull The Bracelet to Turn It Into A Floating Device

Self Rescue Bracelet is a great floating device for swimmers, especially when you usually swim alone. During emergency situation or if user is having difficulties in water e.g. leg cramps, he or she can activate this floating device simply by pulling. This action will make compressed air in the bracelet to expand rapidly to help its user floats while waiting for rescue team to arrive. The pulling action breaks the barrier between compressed air chamber and its surrounding chamber, thus the air will rush out and expand the bracelet into a floatation device. User can wear it as bracelet, very thin and light, it won’t interfere with swimmer’s activities in water

Designers : Wu Xuexing, Zhu Linghui and Zhu Peizheng

Self Rescue Bracelet by Wu Xuexing, Zhu Linghui and Zhu Peizheng

Self Rescue Bracelet by Wu Xuexing, Zhu Linghui and Zhu Peizheng

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Craig says: August 20, 2012

Good morning
Is this product in production? I would be very interested in importing it to my country if it is.

Please contact me via my email.

Many thanks


Nicklas Giam says: August 20, 2012

Good day to you,

I'm interested in this "Self Rescue Bracelet", I would like to import it into my country and explore the market.

Please kindly contact me via email,

Waiting for your reply asap,

Thanks a lot,

From Nicklas

    Tuvie says: August 22, 2012

    It's only concept design.

XueXi-Wu says: August 27, 2012

less is more

prathith shetty says: September 20, 2012

really worth wearing for all seagoers and swimmers. i want to buy one pair and also distribute in india.

Henrietta Mancini says: September 24, 2012

Hello. I'd like to import these to my planet. I love on uranus. We dont wear jewelry though. I was wondering if you could design a belt with this same concept? We have lots of oceans on Uranus. And water boarders . . .too.

leong says: September 30, 2012

call me i want

yishai says: October 13, 2012

I'm interested in this "Self Rescue Bracelet", I would like to import it into my country and explore the market.

Please kindly contact me via email,

Waiting for your reply asap,

Thanks a lot,

leong says: October 18, 2012

hi…i would like to import this n sell in my country….can you contact me

Karen says: October 30, 2012

Great idea! Please advise when the bracelet is available for sale, and its price.

Joseph says: January 18, 2013

I want to buy and be your distributor in our country-Philippines.

ecr says: January 22, 2013

is this for real?i noticed many are interested but they got no response.maybe you can clear this up.

interested says: February 19, 2014

Yes I also want to exploit your idea and sale your idea in my country so I can up price it and make millions from your idea . So let me know when your idea is available to exploit . And here is the best part I will only pay you penies for your hard work . Thanks again ….
Here is a much better idea for you . Corner the market and be the only distributor in the world for all your hard work and ideas . Don’t let others get rich from your had work . P.S your concept is amazing and when you have some for sale I would love to get five of them . For my family . Thank you

Arnelle says: July 24, 2014

hi There
Where can I buy this bracelet in Durban, South africa?

If you have no distrributers in South Africa, I'll be interested in marketing your product.

Please contact me.

Graham and Arnelle

asia francis says: August 31, 2014

How do you get in to go back into bracelet for ?

francisco vargas says: October 21, 2014

Can you send me information to import this please

raven says: October 22, 2014


irene says: October 22, 2014

This idea is great!!! let me know if you are interested in selling this product in USA

Minesh Kantaria says: November 29, 2014

Do you have a US distrobuters ?

daniela uhlig says: January 7, 2015

Hi, very interested in you product kindly contact me at your convenience

Erick says: January 16, 2015

Good afternoon,
I would be very interested in importing this product to my country, can you be so kind and send me more information about whole sales prices, shipping information and if you have a catalog it will be helpful.
Please contact me as soon as possible.
Thank you,
Best regards,


karla says: February 1, 2015

Hello, I would like to buy this products. Where can I do it? thanks

Abdullah says: February 4, 2015

Contact me please i want a big quantity.

katie says: February 11, 2015

I would like to buy some of theses too!

Annette says: February 11, 2015

I am soooo interested in this product. Please someone tell me where to get it. To the designers: AWSOME IDEA!!!!!

Selena Pablo says: March 5, 2015

I am very interested in your product. It is a wonderful idea. Please contact me as soon as you can. I would definitely love to do business together.


Denzil says: April 6, 2015

Very interested in this product, please reply with pricing on quantities! Thank you!

mohamed says: May 5, 2015

my mail

i want to buy more than 100 pc

Jordan says: May 8, 2015

Interested in purchasing as well as understanding more on how it works. Do email me

Murali says: May 24, 2015

XLNT product,Kindly provide purchasing /importing details .Thanks

Luis says: June 15, 2015

Good afternoon I am interested in the product to distribuicion in my country please contact me to thank

Steve says: July 11, 2015

Where can I buy one or two in the U.S.?

nasir says: July 13, 2015

please confirm if i can get this in Pakistan. price??

Nicola says: July 14, 2015

Please email me if these are available to buy I am very interested

Eve Roth says: July 19, 2015

We would like to buy 300 units Self Rescue Bracelets.
Please, tell your conditions for purchase


Denzil says: July 24, 2015


Would like to buy some bracelets, could you please let me know how to get hold of you!

Regards Denzil

katie hale says: August 2, 2015

Is this available for sale?

Michael says: August 9, 2015

Hello, is it still just a concept design or is it in production? I'd be interested in large amount of those as a reseller for my country.


Tom says: October 7, 2015

Is there any chance of these coming to market? If so, I would love to have some so please contact me.

Alex says: October 10, 2015

Why put this out there to get the public all excited, only to not answer (as far as I can see) any questions about the bracelet. I would love to buy several, but, where, how much, availability? Would be a great product for many many people, children and adults alike.

gena says: March 30, 2016

This sounds like an excellent idea. I had a cousin drown, and I become a freak when my family and I are around any type of water. I hope to get one of these before summer. would make my life less stressful on the water

Stephan Sarkissian says: March 31, 2016

its just an idea poeple it cant be done yet i checked it

Kitty says: April 29, 2016

I’m interested in this “Self Rescue Bracelet”, I would like to import it into my country and explore the market.
Please kindly contact me via email,
Waiting for your reply asap,
Thanks a lot,
Kitty van Doorn
Offshore Rib Events

Sharad says: May 2, 2016

I want to distribute all your products in India kindly contact me through my email

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