Pupil 104 Computer : A Notebook, A tablet, An E-book Reader in One

Take Education three steps further with Pupil 104, this convertible MG series computer provides a world of new possibilities, with a notebook, a tablet and an e-book reader. All in one machine!

The design is based on round edges, with no sharp points, increasing the protection of children from all angles. Pupil 104 has also robust chassis, resistant to falls up to 80 cm. With an ergonomic design, the triangular shaped pen makes handling more comfortable. The keyboard keys are hard to remove and the lowercase characters are easily recognized by children, because is the way how they learn to write in school.

Designer : JP

Pupil 104 Computer by JP

Pupil 104 Computer by JP

Featuring a hinge with rotation axis, the screen allows students to share content, videos, pictures and texts with their peers or the teacher, without having to leave his seat in the classroom. The integrated webcam rotates on a 270º maximum angle. This flexibility in capturing video and photography enhances children’s creativity, which can show the surrounding reality without moving the computer.

Pupil 104 Computer by JP

Pupil 104 Computer by JP

Pupil 104 Computer by JP

Tuvie has received “Pupil 104 Computer” project from our ‘Submit A Design‘ feature, where we welcome our readers to submit their design/concept for publication.

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cheska says: April 4, 2013

it has no dvd player?

Stephen Russell says: April 6, 2013

Must for every elem age schoolchild & up to HS level, SHS
Recycle for next lower classes for use
Must for schools nationwide.

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