Instant Business Card Reader by Pen Power

Are you are running a business and really tired of keeping safely all the business cards? If yes, then WorldCard Ultra designed by PenPower can help you out in this. It is an amazing data entry gadget for you as it is known as a handy-dandy business card reader. You just need to stick a card in the slot and this cool gadget does the rest. It maintains an address book and has a multiple language support. Now you do not need to take care of several business cards because everything will be stored in your WorldCard Ultra.

instant business card reader

instant business card reader

Designer : PenPower via Core77

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5 thoughts on “Instant Business Card Reader by Pen Power

  1. I have PenPower business card reader. A file created in the application has by mistake become another file type instead of a wcard type of file. It says the file type is "file" instead of "wcard". It does not open in any application including WorldCard_M. I would like to know if I can correct this problem.

  2. I bought a penpower Business Card&Recognition System in Jan 2007. Now I changed my computer to Vista and the WC is not properly working due to driver problem. Wher can I get the updated driver???

    Pls. help


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