Wove Band : World’s First Flexible Display Product

Polyera, a company founded ten years ago has finally unveiled their ground breaking innovation: Wove Band. With a vision to break the limitations that traditional electronic materials and components imposed on product design, this company introduces you to flexible displays. This is world’s fist flexible display product made possible by Polyera Digital Fabric Technology, it’s a futuristic wearable device with an active-matrix display that literally change shapes in your hand, we’ve been dr...
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Yamaha Sports Ride Concept Offers The Feeling of Riding a Motorcycle in A Sports Car

For the 44th Tokyo Motor Show 2015, Yamaha Motor Booth features the theme of “Resonate. The Yamaha Motor Product Orchestra." This special booth will display a 20-model array of concept and production models, including 6 world premiere models and one Japan premiere model. At this booth, visitors can see how Yamaha has evolved its vision of personal mobility, developing more and more autonomous vehicles with robotics technology. The creative booth design employs the characteristic of a symphony ...
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MiniBrew : Compact Beer Brewing Machine for Everyone

Brew your beer the way you want it with MiniBrew. It’s a device especially designed to simplify the complexity of brewing process so that anyone can become a brew master. MiniBrew makes a complex task easier, it combines brewing, cooling, and yeasting process in one compact machine where everything can be automatically managed and controlled at your fingertips through smart software. Discover the fun of brewing your own beer and share it with your friends and family. This smart brewing mach...
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Dumbbell 1/2 : A Set of Multifunctional Dumbbells with Organic Design

Most common fitness equipment is dumbbells, they are small and compact, they don’t need much space. However, dumbbells are usually placed somewhere hidden like under your desk or next to your bed because they don’t blend well with existing décor of the room. So, how about a little improvement? Hyeon-Cheol Lee has come up with Dumbbell ½, it’s a multifunctional dumbbell with organic design. This concept is actually a set of dumbbells where user can use them in 3 different ways: as a singl...
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Marti Sea Taxi by Ömer Sait Tuna

Marti Sea Taxi is a transportation vessel designed especially to carry passengers for short distance travel. It can also be used for different scenarios such as tourism, rental, special events, and many more. Equipped with diesel engine and ZeroPoint hybrid power, this boat features electric engine configured to drive a common output shaft. You can find more details from the images below. Designer : Ömer Sait Tuna (more…)...
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PuzzlePhone : Modular Smartphone Brings Sustainable Improvements to Our Daily Lives

The PuzzlePhone is a modular smartphone designed for longevity. It's a phone that is repairable, upgradable, and tailored to meet your style and needs in a sustainable and responsible way. It's a paradigm shift from "take, make, and waste" to "reduce, reuse, and recycle." PuzzlePhone is built from modules. It has three easily replaceable and customizable modules: "the Brain" (electronics), "the Heart" (battery) and "the Spine" (screen). This reduced number of modules makes it effortless for e...
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Brum Brum : Modern Balance Bike for Children

Brum Brum is very stylish and cool thing to have if you got kids around. The idea was to create the balance bike for kids that is kind of user friendly, it is lightweight, has great suspension, tubeless tires, finger-safe discs, high quality, and lots of fun. The father of this project is Krisjanis Jermaks who came up with the idea and gathered a group of friends to carry out this lovely piece of functional design. Brum Brum is a clever mixture between wood and metal, every little part is made e...
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The Birth Concept Lamp by Satoshi Itasaka

Submitted by Satoshi Itasaka, The Birth Concept Lamp celebrates the beauty of life through everyday object. Today, the loss of life and humanitarian suffering, such as racism and terrorism, is considerable. Besides, it is now possible to make human beings artificially. Considering those, it seems that the value of 'life' is transforming, and therefore, it is time to re-think about the 'life'. This is a chandeliers inspired by the weak electrical current occur from an ovum at the very moment of ...
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Solu General Purpose Computer Features Cloud Linked Operating System

Made in Finland, Solu offers a new way to work with computer. This device would change the way you think about computing, it proposes a new desktop paradigm like you’ve never known. Solu is designed to be minimalist and beautiful with innovative cloud-linked computer, no need for hard drive, backing up files, or software installation, everything is done for you, it also works offline. Inspired by the idea of collaboration, you can share documents or applicants with your co-workers. This pow...
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Vehicle-Launched Bridge Creates A Temporary Bridge for Faster and Safer Rescue Operation

There are still many places in South of China have to suffer from flood disaster during rainy seasons where roads tend to be blocked and bridges are broken. This condition makes it hard to perform rescue operation or material delivery, that’s why Vehicle-Launched Bridge would be a nice solution. It’s a special vehicle that creates a temporary bridge quickly by deformation, combination, and assembly. The width of the bridge is adjustable to enable rescue operation easier and safer. Designe...
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August Doorbell Cam : Smart Door Bell for Smart Home

As part of August Smart Home Access System, this company also releases August Doorbell Cam that also works together with free August app to make your life easier and more secure. Just like its name suggests, it’s a combination of a door bell and camera where you can always tell who’s at the front door, even when you’re not home, you can speak and see visitors through your smartphone. Even when you’re not home, you can get alerts/notifications every time the bell is rung. Just checkout...
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4th Dimension Watch Was Inspired by Spiral Staircases

4th Dimension Watch is a part of concrete collection of jewelry, started in 2007. This concrete watch was inspired by the simple complexity of time and space, it’s based on contemporary architecture and design. Good design and quality materials are essential elements, but they are can only elevated beyond greatness when combined with great concept and vision behind the product. Fascinated with contemporary architecture and design has led the design team to passion towards crafting a beautif...
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Signal Life Jacket Features SOS Balloon for Faster Rescue

Life Jacket is a personal flotation device to keep wearer afloat in water may be either conscious or unconscious. Unfortunately, sometimes, keep its wearer afloat is not enough, that’s why we need something like Signal Life Jacket. It’s a conceptual life jacket with an SOS balloon, it aims to create better safety equipment where the balloon can turn into an obvious signal above sea level where rescuer can identify and save the victim fast. In a boat accident, yes, lifejacket can save your...
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Bang & Olufsen BeoLab 90 Loudspeaker With Beam Width Control and Active Room Compensation Technology

Bang & Olufsen proudly presents BeoLab 90, a loundspeaker that’s been built for optimum precision in sound. It’s not for everybody, it’s for someone who looks for perfection in sound. It’s intelligently conceptualized, carefully crafted, and finely tuned to deliver ultimate sound experience no matter where you are. It features a multitude of technologies, combining world class design and acoustics in one powerful digital loudspeaker for home use. You will be presented with intelligen...
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Clasp Burner : Portable Burner That Looks Like a Large Key Ring

Clasp Burner is a portable BBQ equipment, yep, a burner that looks like a set of keys on a large key ring. It’s a gas burner that optimizes its portability feature and can be used both indoor/outdoor thanks to its lightweight and foldable features. These days, everything is portable from game, audio, to phone, this project has been designed with high level of efficiency rather than burner or electric stove, it can be charged easily by plugging it into the wall socket. One of main important ...
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