Cifa Coguaro4 Mine Mixer Concept by Marco Monticelli and Samuele Montorfano

Coguaro4 is a conceptual heavy machine designed specifically for the first CIFA mine mixer. It’s a new product with unmistakeable style, each prototype has been designed and developed carefully to meet ergonomic needs since it’ll be used as special transport of concrete inside tunnels and mines. This machine would work in small spaces and challenging working conditions, therefore, it’s important that the design displays all special features that can handle common problems at the mining fie...
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EZ Cart Concept Platform Trolley Features Foot and Air Pump for Easy Cargo Lifting

Even though platform trolley was developed decades ago, unfortunately, there are not many changes to improve the design. There are many problems remain unsolved when using this trolley, this project aims to identify those problems and design a more user-friendly platform trolley for workers. The new EZ Cart Concept Platform Trolley features 3 things: Users can now pull out to tight things up with bungee cords. The transformable foot and air pump can help users to easily lift up cargo to...
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Sleeper – Sleeping Mask Gets Makeover for More Comfort

Sleeping mask is one of essential accessories to carry to when you travel. However, the simple design has its own flaws, Lana Dey tried to redesign this product with more features to provide travelers with better comfort. "I came up with an idea of Sleeper when I was travelling to Peru, - says Lana Dey, CEO of a designer startup. I was on a 10-hour flight, and I just couldn’t find any comfortable position for my head. So, I just tried to strap it to the chair so that I didn’t have to lean o...
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iPhone 7 Concept Design Proposal by Vuk Nemanja Zoraja

The Design of iPhone 7 is an evolution from iPhone 6 design. It maintains similar design to iPhone 6 but it’s bigger in size and the body is made of aluminum along with gorilla glass 4 to protect the screen. Simple lines, clean surfaces, slimmer antennas and zero gap design are some of the features that characterize this phone's design philosophy. iPhone 7, wrapped in gorilla glass 4 casing that creates an illusion of very thin bezels and edge to edge display. The display now has 5 inch dia...
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Dot Braille Smart Watch Connects to User Smartphone to Display Information in Braille

Life doesn’t come easy for many of us, however, for visually impaired people, it can be much harder. DOT is a smart braille watch, designed for visually impaired people so that they can also enjoy our current technology in away where they can take advantage of it. Inspired by a blind classmate in University, Eric Kim, CEO of “DOT”, noticed that most of his classmates used an Ipad. However, the blind classmate carried around large, bulky textbooks which took longer to process than an Ipa...
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B-9 NH Black Edition Urban Stealth Single-Speed Bike

B-9 NH Black Edition is a handmade urban stealth single-speed bike that looks mysterious due to its all black color. Inspired by the iconic F-117 Nighthawk, this bike is the evolution of BME X-9 concept that features carbon fiber frame and form, one piece carbon stem-handlebar with S72 saddle system. Each unit has been built to withstand harsh urban environment and equipped with ultimate urban security system from atomic22. All frames and components are tested in EU labs. The minimalist desig...
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Copern 50M Yacht by Dani Santa

Copern Yacht, with 50 meters of length and 9 of width, is presented as a new trend in yacht design of new generation. Characterized as a sporty model, with soft lines that flow with harmony, it's inspired in fluid and organic shapes. Designed to combine a navigation of high performance at any speed, as well as comfort even anchored, offers all the amenities needed to make this a perfect yacht for any purpose. With an optimization of the spaces and functionality, sundeck, offers a very complete b...
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SanDisk Connect Wireless Stick Flash Drive Offers An Easy Way to Access Your Media From Across The Room

You can now connect to your flash drive wirelessly with SanDisk Connect Wireless Stick. Yes, you don’t need to plug in anything except when you need to charge it, this flash drive works with both your computer and mobile devices. No matter where you are, as long as the stick is in your pocket or near you, you can simply walk across the room while still have access to your media or files, wherever it’s streaming movies/music or transferring files. You can easily save photos and videos to and ...
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Stylish AQUA Headphone Amplifier Features Slim Body Design

AQUA is claimed to be world’s lightest headphone amplifier, well, it does feature slimmer body compared to UAMP amplifier. Using MicroUSB and iOS lightning, AQUA connects directly to your mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Slimmer and stylish body design gives you confidence when use this amplifier in public while having great listening experience anytime, anywhere. If you are a music lover, we’re pretty sure that listening to music from your mobile devices becomes normal, ev...
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Illoto Motorcycle Can Take Up 2 Standing Passengers and A Driver in One Ride

Most motorcycles are designed for 2 people, however, there are many times we can see more people ride one motorbike in the name of “efficient”. It’s really dangerous and it might cause accident. Illoto is a concept motorcycle that takes group motorcycling safer, it can take up to 3 people on 2 wheels. This project features unique structure and incorporates the spirit of Tel Aviv City as major source of inspiration in its minimalist design. The smooth and flowing lines and the major decisi...
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Concertina Design Paper Chair/Sofa Can Hold Up to 100 Times of Its Own Weight

It is concertina design furniture. Inspired by the flexibility of an Accordion, these designers have created this breathable product that not only can be used as a decoration, but also furniture. This paper sofa uses recyclable kraft paper to form a concertina design in order to become expandable furniture while being sturdy unit. These type of materials are waterproof and has the ability to stretch up to 1:50 ratio. You can also choose to fold it back into 2D form, making it ideal furniture for...
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Haiku Advanced Ceiling Fan Auto-Adjusts Its Air Flow to Keep You Comfortable

Haiku by Big Ass Fans combines award-winning craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology into an efficient, elegant residential fan. Perfect for soaring ceilings and spacious great rooms, Haiku offers a contemporary alternative to the outdated design and technology of traditional ceiling fans. As the world's first smart fan, Haiku with SenseME technology incorporates a series of sensors and learning capabilities that adjust the air flow to keep occupants comfortable when temperature and humidity c...
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Vertical City : Modular Skyscraper Structure for Middle East

Vertical City is a design proposal by Luca Curci architects for a vertical city-building settled in the water project located in Middle East. It’s a special project that combines sustainability with population density, the goal here is to build a zero-energy city building. It started by analyzing contemporary skyscraper structure, conceived as a compact element, smooth, and alienated from the surrounding space. This project tries to re-interpret the structure in an opened structure, equippe...
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Hass F1 Team Fantasy Liverie Concept Racing Car by Carlos Pinto

Hass F1 Team Fantasy Liverie is a design study concept racing car from Carlos Pinto. It was inspired by many iconic F1 cars, among them are Manor, Marrusia, to Sahara Force India. Well, it all started on last Friday (24) when I read a news report that Haans F1 Team had built a factory in Portugal, in Porto and would help grow the Portuguese economy and help to open the doors of motorsports for Portugal. So I picked up sponsorship I think that at this point have more impact in the world of Formu...
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Thermaid : 24hours Tracking Thermometer to Take Care a Baby

Submitted by Yoonkyum Kim, Thermaid is a concept healthcare thermometer that checks and record body as well as atmosphere temperature. It also measures humidity around the baby for like 24 hours non-stop. Every parent would need this, because baby needs to be taking care of for 24 hours a day, especially when sleeping. There are numerous things we need to maintain when taking care a baby, unfortunately, it’s almost impossible to do it for 24 hours non-stop, this little device would help you to...
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