E4 Analogic Watch Concept by José Manuel Otero

José Manuel Otero has submitted his latest concept watch called E4. It doesn't look like futuristic watch, instead, it features stylish and modern design. You can read the explanation about this watch design below. E4 is a new concept of time display, simple and aesthetic that blends well with the urban-contemporary taste. The LCD or LED display, analog indicates the hours, minutes and a window at 3 o'clock shows the date. The reading method is simple, marks above time segments indicate minu...
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Tulip Concept EV Features Modular Design to Suit Your Needs

Ognyan Bozhilov has submitted his latest personal vehicle design to Tuvie. It's an electric personal vehicle for modern city with modular design to suit your mobility needs. You can read details explanation below. The Tulip is not yet another electric vehicle. The way I see it's a striving to change the idea of one's personal mobility. I don't think it's enough to cope with the emissions from conventional vehicles. We have to address also the industry that is creating them and the consumer mi...
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Mobiado Professional 3 GCB Dong Son Features Decorated CNC Machined Frame

Available for only 100 phones, the Professional 3 GCB Dong Son Phone from Mobiado was inspired by Dong Son Drums. The Dong Son drums display an artistic level approaching perfection that few cultures of the time, 600 BCE, could rival. The Dong Son drums are decorated with beautiful and well composed images of objects, animals, and people. These images together provide a dynamic description of the Dong Son society, its people, as well as their ceremonial activities and spiritual life. The bras...
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Micro Drone 3.0 Features Expandable Modular Technology to Fit Your Needs

Vernon Kerswell has released a crowdfunding campaign for his latest project: Micro Drone 3.0. It’s a tiny drone that fits inside your palm. Don’t underestimate the size, this drone is smart and capable to stream HD footage to your smart device thanks to a micro-gimbal that constantly send you live streaming video. Designed as modular gadget, this drone is expandable to fit your need, that’s why it’s perfect for everyone, whether you use it as a hobby toy or video enthusiasts, this fly...
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Harman Compact Garden Tractor Concept by Sinan Anayurt

Harman is a compact mini-tractor concept designed for small fields, big gardens, and for vineyards. In the design process, the main goal was to make a design that brings a new perspective to tractors and despite its small size, is able to handle great works. To do this, the vehicle was designed with 2 tracks that lead to 1 exit on the body, instead of certain number of wheels, which made the vehicle fast and small. These tracks absorb all the impact, the vehicle is exposed to with their speciali...
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Drumi Pedal Powered Washing Machine by Yirego

YiREGO Drumi Washing Machine is a compact foot powered appliance to wash your personal delicates. This project challenges public laundry experience while solving common complications that we have to deal when hand-wash delicate garments. This unit has the potential to be made out of 40% recycled material, providing you a sustainable solution with low environmental impact, saving you money, energy, and time. The company claims that this appliance is more hygience than public Laundromats and at th...
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Biopod is A Redesigned Port-A-Potty to Provide You with Better Hygiene and Comfort

Port-a-Potty or portable toilet hasn’t been redesigned since its conception in 1940s, except that maybe the materials. Keeping this in mind, Cassie Stepanek wanted to give this toilet a make over. Stepanek had to start from a scratch in order to understand how the portable toilet is used in our society, who uses it, who maintains it, as well as where we use it and why we are forced to do so. Biopod is a redesigned portable toilet that incorporates 5 aspects into the design: privacy, cleanli...
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Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Features Faceted D-Pad and Rubberized Grip

In October 2015, Xbox will launch Xbox Elite Wireless Controller. Designed in collaboration with pro-level game players, this device unlocks your full potential by adapting to your unique style of play. It’s a performance-class controller to meet today’s competitive gamers. Explore game-changing accuracy, faster speed, and tailored feel like you’ve never felt before. You can swap between a variety of metal thumbsticks and D-pads (included in the box) for more personalized control and ergon...
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Sonder e-ink Keyboard Provides You With An Infinite Key Layouts

Sonder keyboard is said to be world’s first e-ink keyboard, designed and developed at ATP Innovations in Sydney. This unique keyboard has the ability to adapt to your specific usage, giving you an infinite number of key layouts where you can switch between any language or application-specific shortcuts. The design was born out of the frustration Sonder’s co-founders (and twin brothers) in their attempt to memorize hundreds of application-specific shortcuts. That’s why the goal of this k...
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T 005 Cross Motorcycle Features Boxy Shaped Body

Unusual boxy shaped T 005 Cross Motorcycle has been designed for a graphic designer. It’s a special project designed and built for special friend, someone who always finds a way on how to combine ideas and function in one product. The result is sleek and cool motorcycle design that can be used on the road even in a bad condition but still shows beauty and sleekness that represents owner’s ideas. The design started with creating a new sub frame for 2008 Yamaha Scorpio in order to get a clean ...
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Biclip – Paper Clip Shaped Bicycle Lock by Mohsen Darvish

Bikes are a popular target for thieves, each year millions of bicycles are stolen in the world not because they are not locked, but because they are locked incorrectly. Making a bicycle secure is not simply attaching it with a lock to a bike rack, unfortunately most people realize that, only after they see their locked bicycle without the wheels or even without the frame. Biclip is a bicycle lock that reminds the cyclist to lock both frame and wheels. This increases the security of bicycle by...
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Futuristic Scorpio Electric Vehicle Concept Could Be Your Future Eco-Friendly Personal Vehicle

Due to global warming, we need an alternative propulsion system that is more environmentally friendly. The objectives of Scorpio project as a battery powered electric vehicles are lightweight design, cost effective energy efficiency, and preserve the nature. One of the easy ways to attract potential buyers is the minimal energy cost, this project aims to reach 120km range for only 1 euro with one quarter of weight of a modern small car. The futuristic design is an additional feature to attract u...
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Imagining What a Jaguar XK Coupe Might Look Like

Jennarong Muengtaweepongsa, a 15 year old automotive designer from Thailand, has submitted his concept car to Tuvie. The Jaguar XK Concept is a design study of what the next Jaguar XK Coupe would look like, with powertrains ranging from a 3.5L V6 to a 5.0 V8 and ranging from 350 - 610 Horsepower. Initially, the objective for this car design project was to design something that incorporated the signature look of the Jaguar XK. However, when you look at the result here, you can instantly tell t...
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Ana Breathing Assistant To Speed Up Sedation Process for Children

Anesthesia is a serious procedure that usually leads to unpleasant experience, it requires staff to be professional and parents should be brave. The basic procedure is the same for all patients regardless their age. Adults might find it unpleasant but to children, this experience might be traumatic. Anesthesia can be performed in 2 ways: injection or gas. ANNA is a concept breathing assistant for sedation, unlike gas mask that might terrify children, this concept takes fun approach to encourage ...
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Futuristic Vision Gran Turismo Concept Car Study for Volkswagen

This futuristic concept vehicle is dedicated for Volkswagen, it's a Vision Gran Turismo project where you don't need a pilot, it's an unmanned vehicle. The brief for this project was to design a cool GT Vision concept for Volkswagen. Our first realization was that, in a game, you control a pilot that controls a vehicle. While being realistic, it’s not really immersive, so we decided to get rid of the pilot and make an unmanned vehicle instead. Gran Turismo 6 is a good platform for the bra...
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