FireArc Instantaneous Fire Extinguisher Works Similar to a Lifejacket

FireArc Instantaneous Fire Extinguisher has been designed to provide user with reliable fire safety device. A fully functional fire extinguisher would become extremely crucial in the event of fire. Most of us own a fire extinguisher at home, unfortun...
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PodRacer : Futuristic Next Century Racing Concept by Teodoro Ragazzi

Pod Racer is a futuristic vision of the next century racing, it looks like something from a sci-fi movie. This futuristic vehicle features sleek and spaceship-like design, we really love the combination of red and black colors, and maybe it’s also ...
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Multifunction Pill Round Cabinet Transforms Into A Workstation Instantly

Hate messy space? Here comes Pill, a modern round cabinet would stay on a wall ready to serve you as a work station when needed. This multifunctional wall furniture can instantly transform into a nice working table, or maybe, a mini bar. Open Pill...
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Brunt Powerstation is a Multifunction Charger and a Stylish Stand

Brunt Powerstation offers multifunction electric device designed specially for desk and table. Nowadays, each person owns at least minimum of two mobile devices, this is where stationary multi device becomes important. This powerstation offers electr...
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Volvo Globetrotter 2050 Concept Truck Offers Better Environment for Long Distance Truck Drivers

Volvo Globetrotter is a concept truck for the year of 2050. Designed as a project study for Volvo UK in 2014. You can read the designer’s explanation below: I was lucky enough to win the competition and go to Gothenburg, Sweden to meet the Volvo d...
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Linkage Communication System for Elderly People to Stay Connected with Family and Friends

In today’s world, retired senior citizens are most likely to experience lack of attention and warmth of their loved ones. These people are not completely bed ridden or suffer from some diseases, but they are active old people who constantly feel th...
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Calculator 2.0 by Nikhil Kapoor

Calculator 2.0, it’s a beautiful, minimalist concept calculator that breaks away from boring traditional form. Sleek and shiny, the surface looks like a futuristic gadget ready to help you calculate whatever you need in style. Available in black an...
Posted in » Designs and Concepts, Office

PenPower ColorPen: Smart Color Picker Pen Recognizes Up To 65,000 Colors

The first time we featured Jinsun Park’s Color Picker Pen, it gained a lot of attention from designers all over the world. Unfortunately, that concept still hasn’t had any progress. PenPower has made an attempt to create a smart color picker pen ...
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Slim Ride : Public Transportation System for The City of Auckland

Slim Ride is a driverless, electrical rail system concept based on multiple small cabins with an extremely narrow (1.2m) footprint specifically designed for the city of Auckland. It can adjust to the changing infrastructure requirements offering very...
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Runabout 32 Concept Boat by Ali Öztoygar

Runabout 32 gets fed from the concept of car-like boats with their elegant and sleek looking lines and the correct proportions for a cool ride. There’s no full height ceiling in the interior since it is not designed for long term stays, but this bo...
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Intex PureSpa Inflatable Bubble Massage Spa Set features 120 High-Powered, Soothing Bubble Jets

Need to relax? Indulge yourself in Intex PureSpa Inflatable Bubble Massage Spa Set. Since it’s inflatable, you can set it up instantly when you want to relax and enjoy bubbly massage, then when you are done, fold down for easy storage. Pamper yo...
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Aido Advanced Social Robot for Smart Home Inspired by Dolphins

You don’t need to be filthy rich to own an advanced home robot. InGen Dynamics provides you with a solution, an affordable home robot, Aido. Aido is a smart, social robot, a helpful companion at home. The company aims to join robotic revolution by ...
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NOOK Bed Can Become The Center of Your Activities

NOOk is a unique bed structure that provides you with multifunctional robust bedframe in which can be accessorized with multiple furniture elements. It means that in a studio apartment, this one bed structure can offer many functions just install add...
Posted in » Designs and Concepts, Home And Kitchen

Asteroide Wood Stove Features Satin Black Finish and Chromed Handle

Designed for GODIN, Asteroide Wood Stove looks like a rocket in your living room, ready to take off to discover great space. This wood stove features fluid and dynamic shapes with the main body suspended in the air. You can keep logs under the foot, ...
Posted in » Designs and Concepts, Home And Kitchen, Stoves

KOII Foldable Deckchair by Sascha Akkermann

KOII Foldable Deckchair offers you a portable lounger with ergonomically curved shape. The man behind this design is Sascha Akkermann, he is a master carpenter and designer, bringing you a piece of furniture made from high quality laminated wood in b...
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