A.F.A. is A Powered Exoskeleton Suit for Firefighter

After reading a report about a fire in high rise building that killed almost 50 people in Shanghai, Jiazhen Chen decided to create this special project. A.F.A. is a powered exoskeleton suit for firefighters, a 28-story building shouldn’t be a challenge for our modern fire fighting, but unfortunately, there are still many factors that firefighters can’t save those people trapped in the building. Once the area is above the aerial ladder could reach or any elevating platforms, the chance of res...
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Timewalker Urban Speed e-Strap Transforms Analog Watch to Smart One

Montblanc started 2015 by releasing wearable technology with its Timewalker Urban Speed e-Strap. It’s a smart optional accessory for Montblanc Timewalker Urban Speed collection of timepieces that allows you to transform the analog watch into smartwatch. This is claimed to be the first smart wearable tech that coming from luxury company. This strap is made out of a high0end leather strap with carbon fiber texture, the electronic module made from DLC coated steel can sync with both iOS and Andro...
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SMART Kapp Digital Whiteboard Allows You to Capture and Share The Content with Others

Doing presentation on 42-inch SMART Kapp Digital Whiteboard can be efficient yet powerful. This board allows you to collaborate with others in real-time simply using a browser, anytime, anywhere. You can write and raw on this whiteboard just like any regular dry erase board, connect your Bluetooth enabled device to capture the content by scanning a QR code or just tapping the NFC tag. The Smart Kapp app allows you to capture the board and share the content with others. You can start by turn t...
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United States Still Holds The First Place in 2014 World Design Rankings

It’s time of the year when WDR (World Design Rankings) announces its update design rankings of countries based on the amount of design awards won at international juried design competitions and awards. The first place is still held by United States, this country has won 174 Design Awards globally in 2014, followed by other countries Italy, England, Japan Brazil, China, and more, you can find the list at the end of this article. What is World Design Rankings? WDR is a prestigious organizati...
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Machines of Advetures Book Series Feature Futuristic Transportation and Technology

We found these cool futuristic jets on Michal Jelinek portfolio, even though they are only conceptual project, they could inspire you to design your next superhero sci-fi aircraft. The "Machines of Adventure" is a graphics/design/art book series that aggregates all my love and passion to technology, industrial design and transportation of all kinds. It pays the tribute to all the "catalog" collectors who dreamed as kids over the drawings of planes, cars and robots. It is nor comic book, nor a p...
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PERI Duo iPhone Charger Case with Bluetooth Speaker

PERI Duo Case is not your ordinary iPhone case. It’s a case that features WiFi/Bluetooth speaker, and not just that, the integrated battery allows you to re-charge your phone in case of emergency. This is a smart mobile accessory that solves your 2 greatest problems with mobile phone: more battery power and amplified sound. The speaker provides you audio experience loud enough to fill the room, its 2500mAh battery is enough to almost full charge your smartphone. You don’t need to spend hundr...
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Aston Martin Valkyrie Concept Car by Jennarong M.

Jennarong M. (a.k.a VanaticalFoxes) has submitted a mid-engined car concept proposal for Aston Martin, this sleek car is called Aston Martin Valkyrie. This car concept would be in the same class as Lamborghini Aventador, slightly above the Vanquish with a price label around $350,000. The design was inspired by the brand new DB10, it’s a major influence in the process, also the new Vanquish, DP100 and DBR1, this concept car aims to catch everyone’s eyes when they see it on the street. The ...
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Golden Pin Design Award 2014 Winners

Golden Pin Design Award has announced its best design winners for 2014, below are some great designs we would like to share with you in random order. 1. Cardiac Rehabilitation Monitor System Taiwan Textile Research Institute In-house Design Nova Design Co. Ltd Taiwan This CRM System combines elastic fabric electrodes and comfortable knit fabric to provide sternum support and monitor heart rate variability (HRV). The minimalist design of this functional monitor allows it to be comfortabl...
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Bee’ah’s Sharjah Headquarters by Zaha Hadid Architects

After the 2013 international competition, Bee'ah has finally commissioned Zaha Hadid Architects to build the new Bee'ah's Sharjah Headquarters that will rise in the Emirati desert. This Middle East’s leading fully integrated environmental and waste management company has invested in many infrastructures to transform attitudes and behaviors in individual, communities, business, and cities in order to achieve their environmental goals, and this project is one of them. The new headquarters is ...
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Electric Kettle Design by Iain McLean

Stylish electric water kettle has been designed to do everything a standard kettle will do, but also make the job of boiling a single cup of water extremely easy, quick and inexpensive. The innovative and patented lid system can be flipped out of the way like normal for large volume fills, or filled directly with one cup of water. On placement of the kettle on the base a siphon within the lid then transfers the water into to the main vessel. The design recognizes that most energy wastage come...
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MUV-e Scooter Is No Longer Just A Concept, It’s a Fully Functional Vehicle for Urban Cities

If you are a loyal reader of Tuvie, you would have read about MUV-e Scooter. We just got news from the company that this electric vehicle has come to live, it’s not just concept, it’s a fully functional vehicle. They have done many improvements for this vehicle, the development of the tilting suspension provides unique self centering mechanism, folding system that works in less than 3 seconds, and many more. This is a nice personal vehicle for short commuting around a crowded city, it’s pr...
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OXX Coffeebox Single Serve Coffee Maker Works Well in World’s Harshest Environments

Claimed to be the world’s toughest coffee maker, OXX Coffeeboxx has been designed and developed to withstand toughest environment. This coffee machine is built beyond rugged to operate in places where other coffee makers might not make it, from jobsite, campground, to tailgate, and beyond. It’s been through various tests to make sure it meets high standards that no one is dared to set such as dust-proof, spill-proof, rust-proof, crush-proof, water resistant, as well as impact resistant. This...
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Mobiado Professional 3 X Collection Features Exotic Wood Grip and Advanced Battery Cover Mechanism

Mobiado Professional 3 X Collection combines exotic wood grip and luxury material into this unique instrument. This art piece features an asymmetrical wood grip and an advanced battery cover mechanism. Just like other smartphone’s frame from Mobiado, it is CNC machined from aircraft aluminum finished with a black anodized coating. It is completed with hand painted silver lettering on large sapphire crystal plates and precision inset into the body. To get access to the battery, you need spec...
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Akrapovič Full Moon Concept Motorcycle Stands Upright when Parked

Stunning, yes, that’s one word that can describe Akrapovič Full Moon Concept Motorcycle. This futuristic concept was unveiled by Akrapovič at the Bad Salzuflen Custombike Show in Germany, it managed to captivate all audience of the show from visitors, photographers, journalists, and selected guests. This awesome motorcycle has been designed and developed with the help of Slovenian Dreamachine Motorcycles, the same team that produced the iconic Morsus in 2011. similar to its predecessor, Full...
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Peleboard : The World’s First Split Paddleboard

Introducing Peleboard, it’s an evolution stand-up paddleboard that split into 2 halves. It is claimed to be the world’s first split paddleboard where the right and left halves are slightly divided by a sliding rail. Water sport has gained a lot of fans these days, this fitness oriented Peleboard has been promoted as world’s exciting paddleboard, even though at this moment the prototype is being tested, but this startup is hopefully can draw attention for mass production. It looks just l...
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