Ventum : Portable and Compact Respiratory System for Children

Traditional respiratory system is bulky, complicated, and doesn’t give a lot of freedom to its user. Ventum is a concept respiratory system that works just like traditional one but it frees user from multiple hoses and cables that are usually needed to power and monitor the operation. With children as target market, this medical equipment aims to give children that suffer from breathing difficulties the freedom to live, laugh, and play while carrying a compact respirator in the form of a backp...
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Transformers: Multifuctional Suitcase with Furniture System

Transformers is a smart suitcase that carries portable furniture system. Often some people wonder how to travel with their furniture in an easy and simple way, well, this suitcase can turn that wonder into reality. This is not your ordinary suitcase, it comes with portable furniture system that consists of a chair, a cabinet to keep your necessities, and a desk to support your laptop, books, or cosmetics. Simply drag out the front panel, it reveals a desk while drag out the side panel, you give ...
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A’ Design Awards & Competition 2015-2016 – Call for Submissions

Are you a fresh graduate designer? You might have heard about A’ Design Awards and Competition, this time of year, it calls all of you designers to submit your best works, click here to register. Even if you are a professional designer, you will still benefit a lot from this competition, as you can see from our story about previous winners here, there are many cool products/designs that attract a lot of media attention. A' Design Awards & Competition is a great platform to showcase your...
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SmartHalo Transforms Your Conventional Bike into a Smart One

Riding a bike in urban environment can be confusing and you might get lost, that’s why SmartHalo would be a nice companion. It’s a smart biking system that lets you focus on the road, especially designed for uban cyclists, this device guides you when you need it. It’s equipped with military-grade locking system to ensure it stays permanently on the handlebar. The navigation system is pretty intuitive, it gives you with quickest, safest routes to your destination while the automatic trac...
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Futuristic Tesla Drone Features A New Twin Blade Design

Introducing the Tesla Drone, a unique reinterpretation of drone ingenuity. Its design aesthetic was focused towards two things: redefining longevity and perception. The common issue with drones today is their lack of battery capacity, which in turn, limits their flight time to 20 minutes and their charging time to an hour. The Tesla drone incorporates an advanced 10,000 mAh Lithium-Ion (Tesla Powercell) battery, capable of prolonged flight lasting up to an hour on a single charge. The second ...
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TimeSmart App-Controlled Alarm Clock Syncs to Your Phone

Having an electric alarm clock means the time would reset after every blackout, hate that don’t you? TimeSmart App-Controlled Alarm Clock is a smart clock that would automatically set itself to the correct time when synced to your phone. It would be really easy to set your alarms, the alarm sounds, and snooze times through the TimeSmart app. Aside from being an alarm clock, this device also functions as a charger where you can dock your smartphone right from the clock using 1A USB port in the ...
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Concrete Living by Delatour Design Lab

Jimmy Delatour is a 30-year French designer and Art Director, who just opened a design lab/studio in Paris that focuses mostly on concrete furniture. This series is the start of a "Concrete Living" furniture and object line, they both feature minimalist and modern style, and at the same time incorporated with Art Deco movement and modernist architecture inspirations. Those 2 movements created a fracture in both furniture and architecture artistic habits towards a pure line, simplicity of volumes...
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TriFan 600: Next Generation Vertical Take-off and Landing Airplane

TriFan 600 is a new generation of an airplane that can do vertical takeoff and landing. This six-seat airplane gives you freedom to travel, transporting you door-to-door rather than airport-to-airport. Using 3 ducted fans, this airplane lifts off vertically and in seconds those 2 wing fans rotate forward for a seamless transition to high-speed flight, it’s designed to fly as fast and as high above predominant weather, also as far as other business jets. It gets you to more places in a shorter ...
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BabyCom Universal Baby Monitor for Everyone

Incorporating “Design for All” principles, Babycom is a baby monitor that’s been designed to consider hearing impaired people needs. It’s a universal baby monitor that works for everyone. After conducting many interviews, these product designers found out there are 3 key elements that can reduce the efficiency of a baby monitor usage: Noise while doing house cleaning Sleeping Bathing This baby monitor gear is designed with high vibration alert to wake up parents, especially pa...
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Sidecar Bicycle with Hardwood Oak Flatbed by Horse

Carrying your load with your bike can’t be difficult, you need to use a cargo bike or a sidecar bike just like this unit from Horse. This Sidecar Bicycle features three wheels, the hardwood flatbed is supported with a small 12-inch wheel, it’s the perfect urban vehicle to haul bulky cargo around town. The spacious area of the sidecar allows you to carry large cargo during the day and a couple of surfboard in the afternoon. This bike has capacity to carry approximately a 100lb load or 3 large...
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CARGO “Everything Everywhere” : 3 Wheeled All-Terrain Vehicle for South East Asia Environments

Cargo “Everything Everywhere” is a concept vehicle dedicated for South East Asia because the territory is rich of different scenarios and environments. Due to Western influence and significant influx of tourists, these areas are evolving rapidly, especially in big cities or areas near tourist attractions. However, there’s a big percentage of wild land remains untouched and there’s a large part of population still resides in these places, living in harmony with nature where infrastructure...
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Luna Phone: Gorgeous Minimalist Phone Design by Jorge Arbelo Cabrera

Even though most people think smartphone is the ultimate of modern necessities, some people still prefer simpler/dumb phone. Unfortunately, most dumb phones are ugly. Luna Phone is a beautiful, minimalist phone where the concept limits itself to the most basic functions of a phone, calling and messaging. There’s no camera, high definition LCD, GPS or internet connection. Instead, Luna phone features a sleek geometric screen out of LED backlight and a touchpad at the bottom screen. Due to it...
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Boombotix Mini Bluetooth Ultraportable Wireless Speaker Can Withstand Drops Up to 10-feet

Aside from being ultraportable, Boombotix Mini Bluetooth Wireless Speaker is also wearable. It allows you to kick out the jams at an affordable price. This speaker features triangle body design with powerful little speaker inside, providing you with robust acoustic output. Weighing less than 5 ounces, this gadget has pretty amazing power compared to most portable speaker on the market, its wearability allows you to carry this device wherever and however like. You can attach it on the bag’s str...
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SINO Electric Kit Car Project Allows You to Custom Build Your Car

Tom Henwood has designed SINO, an electric car kit where you can build yourself. This concept project was based on his love and respect for the way things work, he’s fascinated by machines and their mechanical systems. You can read his explanation about the project below. This was very much an extension of my beliefs and worries about how we might interact with machines in the near future. In an internet generation where gadgets are becoming so integrated and intuitive in our daily lives, I...
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Wearable Solar Shirt by Pauline van Dongen

In collaboration with Holst Centre, Pauline van Dongen has designed Wearable Solar Shirt. It’s a shirt that incorporates 120 thin film solar cells combined with standardized functional modules of Holst Centre’s stretchable interconnect technology, making it possible to integrate electronics into fabrics. The result is an attractive t-shirt for everyday wear with solar panels and flexible electronics to charge your mobile gadgets. This blue shirt is made out of a double-knit along with a s...
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