Ocean Rescue : Emergency Support When You Are Lost in The Ocean

The Ocean Rescue is a rescue device that is designed to provide emergency support to those who have lost in the ocean. The idea was to offer the user vital support till they get rescued, supply of pure drinking water. Moreover, it is able to transmit a radio frequency signal to the rescue team about its exact location and can make colorful smoke during the day and emit light at night to get the attention of rescue team.

ocean rescue

ocean rescue

The key material that was used to form the Ocean Rescue is a special kind of metal with high thermal conductivity that can boil sea water and separate the salt and the distilled water from it. The chamber where the distilled water is stored is made of transparent and durable plastic. The bottom of the metal has positive and negative plates, and is being used for generating electricity through a chemical reaction with the electrolyte of salty sea water.

ocean rescue

ocean rescue

ocean rescue

ocean rescue

ocean rescue

ocean rescue

ocean rescue

ocean rescue

Designer : Seol-Hee Son, Cheol-yeon Jo, and Seung-hyun Yoon

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stephen russell says: August 25, 2009

MUST for ALL Naval ships, cargo ships, cruise liners, Yachts, USCG craft, Harbor patrol,

Submarines, Mini Subs, submersibles,

Race yachts, A-Z.

Travelling 100 miles min at Sea.

Mandatory device for Rescue.

Jos Bogaert says: August 26, 2009

Interesting product

I'm working for the RNLN in submarine escape and rescue

This product looks ideal to store in our liferafts.

Could you give me an idea about prices and where we can buy this product

Neil Hopkins says: August 27, 2009

Is this this product in production or is it a conceptual design? I would be very interested in assisting with further development of this product if required.

Alan Brookland says: September 24, 2009

Sounds like another fuffy concept to me rather than something that you could actually turn into a product. How is it going to generate enough energy to boil water just from being immersed in the sea?

You can however buy solar stills which use the sun to heat the water http://www.totalmarine.co.uk/p.cfm/P/1110/cheap/A… for example.

Derek says: September 24, 2009

From the lack of proper grammar in the images, I suspect they meant to use the word "distill" instead of boil. It looks as though the salt water evaporates upwards and condenses in the top, then drips into the main collection chamber below. Not the quickest of methods, but effective enough to keep a few people alive long enough for rescue.

ricardo martins says: October 15, 2009

you should add a shark repelent.

im curious if a gps signal wouldnt be a better idea than smoke signal?

Orrin says: December 16, 2009

This is a GREAT idea. A must for all ships, especially Coast Gaurd.

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