Nissan Round Box Concept Was Born in Sport Bar

Going to the bar for relaxing can inspire you with great design after all. Take a look at nissan round box concept here, Nissan said: “The car was inspired by the lively atmosphere of a sports bar. In a sports bar everyone is focused on the game for pure enjoyment. They are totally free of the pressure and tension felt by the players who are actually playing the game on the field.”

nissan round box concept

“A sports bar affords an enjoyable, stress-free space where friends can experience a sense of togetherness. Simultaneously, they can enjoy thrilling excitement like being on a roller-coaster yet without any risk involved. That is the sort of emotive world the Round Box is intended to provide.”

As a youth-oriented compact convertible, the Round Box provides occupants senses of speed and exhilaration, by adopting ?Road Surface Window?. It’s unique, it’s funky, it’s futuristic …

from sport bar nissan round box concept

future nissan round box concept

open air nissan round box concept

cool nissan round box concept

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ayden says: February 3, 2009

what a beast

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