Nissan Pivo 2: 360-Degree Swiveler Electric Nissan Concept

It’s the new version of Nissa Pivo concept, first shown in 2005, the electric-powered, 360-degree swiveler. Now it’s the Pivo 2. Just the same as the first Pivo, its cabin rotates, eliminating the need for a reverse gear, though its in-wheel motors can propel it in any direction — even sideways. What’s new in the Pivo 2 is its in-car Robotic Agent, a voice-recognition interface (in English or Japanese) to a valet application that can engage in a range of communications from basic vehicle functions to the closest parking space. It looks like a cartoon car, but I really like the design.

nissan pivo 2

nissan pivo 2 concept car

nissan pivo 2

Press Release:

– Pivo 2 concept turns heads and itself in Tokyo –

TOKYO (Oct. 5, 2007)-Nissan Motor Co., Ltd., today unveiled the Pivo 2, an advanced electric concept car that will debut at the upcoming Tokyo Motor Show. Pivo 2 builds on the popularity of the first Pivo, shown at the 2005 Tokyo Motor Show. Powered by advanced Compact Lithium-ion Batteries and featuring a unique rotating cabin – meaning no reverse gear required – the first Pivo became a cult hit at shows from Beijing to Geneva.
Pivo 2 Concept Car

Reasons to love Pivo 2:

* Electric power from Nissan’s advanced Lithium-ion batteries
* A robotic agent to share every trip
* ‘Revolutionary’ technology with 360 degree turning cabin and 90 degree turning wheels

Pivo 2 takes the idea of an environmentally friendly electric urban commuter vehicle and delivers fun, functionality and a unique relationship between the car and driver. Pivo 2 is powered by advanced Compact Lithium-ion Batteries and employs ‘by-wire’ technologies for braking and steering.

Where the first Pivo, with its fully rotating cabin design, made reversing obsolete, the Pivo 2 takes that easy mobility concept to a new level. Each of the four wheels are powered by Nissan’s advanced electric In-wheel 3D Motor and can turn through 90 degrees to allow Pivo 2 to drive sideways as well as forward.

Thanks to the highly innovative Robotic Agent, you are never alone in the Pivo 2. With conversations possible in Japanese and English, the Robotic Agent has been created to work with Pivo 2 to make every journey less stressful. It provides a unique interface through which to communicate with Pivo 2 on everything from basic vehicle functions through to the nearest available parking.

Pivo 2 will be on display at the Nissan Ginza Gallery in Tokyo, for an exclusive public sneak preview ahead of the Motor Show.

concept car nissan pivo 2

nissan pivo concept car

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Diane says: October 15, 2007

Nissan-PIVO-I ready to buy 5 of them right now!

Diane says: October 15, 2007

Awsome! Price them right and they will dominate!

tee says: September 4, 2008

how fast is it and at speed are u safe and how far can u go

abhi says: September 7, 2008

this car is awesome i want 1 so bad

zeke says: September 16, 2008

omg this car rocks i wonna buy 1

as soon as i do i will be the happiest person alive!!

Sabrina says: September 23, 2008

OMG! this car is so cute! I saw it on t.v.

But what if you get mad or scream at it will it be nice or go on lock down???

j says: October 23, 2008

stole my idea

Nick says: November 19, 2008

I love this car. price?

BlazesStarGirl says: December 10, 2008

Haha it would probably cry or its head would spin around and curse at you in japanese lol

rockstar says: January 29, 2009

thats cool When are we going to get to by one

A-Dog says: June 20, 2009

when are they coming to california? how much? Can't want to get it.

denise zoey says: March 1, 2010

i love the car in the future i hope to live that long to drive one bye !bye bye!

Manish Mahadevan says: May 31, 2010

I see from the pictures that the steering and the pedals are all fitted to the door that opens. How can this car be functional when the wheels and axle are not connected to the pedals?

vishnu says: December 12, 2011

really awsome!!
really good choice..

richard b randle says: April 12, 2016

how soon is the pivo 2 going on sale in the san diego, calif area? I am ready, willing, and able to buy one or more ASAP! please let me know soon before I buy my second or third choices.

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