Mocca Pearl Outdoor Jug Provides Refreshing Hot Coffee In Emergency Situation

When an adventurous mountain rider wakes up at 5:30 am, 2300 meters above the ground with the deflated campfire and no strip remaining to burn, its quite certain that there is no way he can manage an angle to come and offer him with a cup of refreshing hot coffee as a superb start for the next day. However, Mocca Pearl outdoor jug will provide 180 ml of hot fresh coffee for two persons without the need of a burner. Just install it and with a few movements, it will start steaming. The jug remains inside a greenish felt-covered cup and contains a holder to hook it with the user’s belt, giving it a hand grenade like appearance. The bottom part contains the water that squeeze through the funnel containing the coffee powder and the coffee is ready in no time.

Designer : Marc Zimmerhackl

mocca pearl

mocca pearl

mocca pearl

mocca pearl

mocca pearl

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Nate says: May 4, 2010

This needs to become real ASAP. I would definitely buy one for the right price.

samurai47 says: May 5, 2010

shoot i was hoping this was really, i would so buy one

richard says: May 5, 2010

I want one… please find a way to put it into production!!

jeroen says: May 8, 2010

wow reallt nice, want it!!

panda says: July 17, 2010

wallaw! it gives me an idea 2 design my own equipment.weee

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