Koishi Planter Pot Transforms Your Plant Activity To Beautiful Music

The concept is very simple. Koishi planter pot monitors the activity within a plant and transforms it into an audio-visual improvisational performance. We can’t talk to plants but interacting is different. It’s nice to put a plant in the limelight for a change. The music played through the pot is produced instantaneously. It’s more than just a pot, it’s an instrument; controlled by your plant – imagine cooking to the sound of your basil plant in your kitchen.

We interact with one another on a daily basis, we interact with animals, and we spend hours playing Angry Birds on our smart phones; interacting with electronics. Can you see where this is going? In 2012 it’s considered normal to spend hours playing, but interacting with a plant is probably considered as being weird. Koishi Planter Pot tackles this issue, and promotes having plants indoors.

Having plants in your house can improve indoor air quality, they stabilize humidity level and also act as beautiful home decor.

Designer : Noel Zahra

Koishi Planter Pot Concept by Noel Zahra

Koishi Planter Pot Concept by Noel Zahra

Koishi Planter Pot concept changes the perspective of plants from a piece of furniture to being a plant that gives back too. This concept provides amazing calming effect, ideal for meditation. It’s very easy to use, everyone can use it – no knobs or anything. Just place the plant on the enclosure and sit back. Koishi Planter Pot makes music like no other – always unique. Composed and instantaneously… by a plant!

Koishi Planter Pot Concept by Noel Zahra

Koishi Planter Pot Concept by Noel Zahra

Koishi Planter Pot Concept by Noel Zahra

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Karen S. says: July 18, 2012

This is fantastic! It's like a tabletop version of this mobile planter: http://www.smart-urban-stage.com/blog/future-of-t… I think it's a brilliant idea to incorporate the techy things that dictate our lives these days with organic living things that might remind us to stop and smell the roses – as it were.

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