Icare : Futuristic Motorcycle from Enzyme Design

Now be a style icon with the Icare high-end futuristic bike. With its eccentric looks and spectacular design it surely is a dream come true for all the bike lovers. The engine, which is Honda 6 cylinder flat engine and 1800cm3, is completely out of this world and will definitely keep you mesmerized. Its powerful body gives you a sense of security while driving on the tarnished highways and its design looks more that of an alien. A bike with a different look and with the unbeatable performance and strength. So move out and flaunt your Icare and unleash the beast.

icare motorcycle concept

icare motorcycle concept

icare motorcycle concept

icare motorcycle concept

Designer : Enzyme Design

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Haplo says: July 12, 2008

It seems that the main idea of this project was a contemporary art sculpture.

The budget to develop and build the bike is between 150-200K€ for the prototype, and Enzyme Design is now looking for investors and customers.

So if you have 150,000 – 200,000 euros ($238,000 – $318,000) to sign for this incredible bike, have at it!

kaleb says: December 15, 2009

looks like the lightcycles from the Tron Legacy trailer

iddhy says: June 27, 2012

nice and creative motorbike.i do like it,really!

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