Futuristic Aircruise Offers Ultimate Traveling Luxury

The Aircruise is a huge, vertical airship concept that can introduce air traveling to a new era with ultimate style and luxury. The main goal of the project was to give people the realization that traveling is not just getting from one place to another via its appealing and more reflective operation. Empowered by natural energy, this concept has been envisioned to fill with 330,000 cubic meters of hydrogen gas and dock on more than 265 meters high stands. The slower pace of traveling on Aircruise will allow the boarders to enjoy the huge internal spaces, featuring four duplex apartments, five smaller apartments, bar/lounge zone, living, dining, relaxing and enjoying the stunning beauty of the sky. Aside from its large windows, it contains glass made floor to enhance the excitement of the passengers.

futuristic aircruise

futuristic aircruise

futuristic aircruise

futuristic aircruise

futuristic aircruise

futuristic aircruise

futuristic aircruise

Designer : Seymour Powell via SMH

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stephen russell says: February 13, 2010

My kinda airship, beats the dated Zepplien shapes

JG says: February 13, 2010

This is so unrealistic! YOU CALL YOURSELF A DESIGNER? Keep dreaming buddy, and good luck finding a permanent job

    mietzscha says: February 14, 2010

    hi JG, nothing's unrealistic… it just haven't made yet..

    isn't it the base of science?

    just assume everything could be done, and the rest is to put all efforts to do it..


    btw, seymor,

    speechless……. (great design!)

    weirdo says: September 29, 2010

    that's exactly what they said during the dark ages with sciene, that's what they said about man can fly, that's what they said about the train, that's what they said about traveling to the moon. Strange, all those things did happen!

jann says: February 18, 2011

@JG, you’re noob.

– great design

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