Hearing Aid That Never Compromises With Style

The main idea of the Hearing Aid concept is to eliminate the effort of people to hide their earpieces, not to let other people know about their handicap. This innovative concept has been designed so stylishly that users can feel the confidence of wearing a piece of fashionable jewelry with it. The main target users of the hearing aid are the medium level hearing disable people. Aside from incorporating the brand new TriMic system, this compact and lightweight gadget gives a near to perfect positioning of the microphone which is the key important aspect of the efficiency of a hearing aid. To make it a product for all, the designer offered a set of four different color alternatives to choose from.

hearing aid

hearing aid

hearing aid

hearing aid

Designer : Design Affairs

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10 thoughts on “Hearing Aid That Never Compromises With Style

  1. I love this concept!

    I am hearing impaired and I sometimes wear hearing aids.

    I have two mini ear piercings in my left ear lobe.


  2. WTF is that? I mean i need to make a hole in my ear to use it? Are you joking with def ppl?

    I dont like piercing so that means that i cant use it?Besides i dont think that ppl with hearing problems want to show off there new "best friend" inside their ears-.- Thats why those devices are small Gizz

    • I, personally, think it is a cool idea. I was looking for hearing aids and I'm into that type of style. It's meant for people who like stretched ear lobes. For people who don't, there are many other alternatives that could be used without putting a hole in your ear.

  3. Actually, some people do want to show off their hearing aids. Though this isn't my style, I can see how some people might like this–especially since hearing loss is on the rise in younger populations.

  4. I am not into this (piercing) style, but I am a hearing professional. The tube design is ill conceived. It should be a RIC/RITE for more hearing loss applications, i.e. mild, moderate, profound. The concept is a great one for younger people who already have the stretched lobe. alot of people are missing the point. It is not to show off the hearing aid as a hearing aid but to hide it as something that they already have/use. I need more tech specs but if it has quality programming, streaming/bluetooth; I would be interested in this product for my office.

  5. What about a hearing aid that hangs like a earring.. but comes into the ear

    From the backside.. would need to pierce the cartilage.. to sneak the hearing tube into the ear canal..

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