Sirena Trimaran Yacht Features Larger Interior Space, Lower Drag Coefficient and Lower Emissions

Sirena trimaran yacht is a 50m trimaran, designed by Adrian Smith and Matthew Jeffrey. With an ever increasing need for more environmentally friendly motor yachts, a trimaran provides a more efficient platform for a super yacht, with a lower drag coefficient, resulting in lower emissions and a larger interior space. Designers : Adrian Smith and Matthew Jeffrey (more…)...
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Futuristic Octuri Flying Yacht by Yelken Octuri

As the name suggests the flying yacht by designer Yelken Octuri is an innovative yacht that can fly. Octuri flying yacht can transform hassle-free into a plane through 4 mobile masts, which lowers to become the wings. The sails pull in inward into every mast as the masts are brought down for plane mode. The yacht features two main decks, where the yacht’s lower deck boasts a main room, a restroom, a kitchen plus a storage room. In boat mode, the sails of the 4 masts offer the propulsion. Each ...
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Seahorse Buoys by Simon Spagnoletti

Simon Spagnoletti, an experienced product designer of high end as well as mass products, has unveiled his new concept, Seahorse Buoys. A magnetic anchor sets wave power buoys to be plastered. Internal coils travel down the anchor, as the buoys soar up and down, thus creating a hovering magnetic field. This in turn generates current that is transferred to shore. It is also possible to generate huge amounts of power through the usage of groups of these buoys. The Seahorse line proposes varied mode...
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VT36 : 36 Feet Speed Yacht For Business Transportation

VT36 Speed Yacht has been designed for business transportation. There are many commercial districts in New York, Singapore, Shanghai, or Dubai which are located next to the beach or sea. During rush hour, the streets can be blocked. VT36 provides a comfortable, convenient, and fast transportation for business people. This yacht has been designed with individual service unit hidden under the main deck, toilet, and rotational comfort seats for business meeting. All passengers are guaranteed a wide...
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Float : Foldable Solar Catamaran To Spend Time At The Lake

Float is now available within your means to take pleasure in a day away from shore. It is developed for students and the young professionals. It is designed by Jeffrey Greger with his partner, an industrial designer student Timo Bücker, when they were studying overseas at Hochschule Darmstadt, Germany. The love of students to spend time at the lake inspired the creation of this boat. It is available in an affordable price and can be compactly placed in apartment’s garage. It is easy to set up...
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Open Water 60m Explorer Yacht by Motion Code Blue

Open Water 60m yacht is a 197 feet/60meters explorer yacht. It has the amenities of luxury yacht and has self sufficient operations in distant sea areas with a reduced ecological track. The exterior is a simple and contemporary structure. It can be used for a long distance voyage and the lower deck can be used as a storage space. It has various color blends in both coamings as well as upper decks. It has place for sun bathing, it provides good conditions for sailing dinghies and it can even be c...
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Sleek and Magnificent Design of Foton 1 Yacht

Flaunting its sleek and magnificent design is the new FOTON 1 Yacht. It is a kind of giant power yacht, which lets you have a comfortable cruise over the deep blue sea. With a horsepower of 8600 and with a top speed of 65 knots, one can comfortably enjoy the speed this yacht offers. The yacht has been designed using composite materials primarily carbon. Weighing about 80 tons, the mix of low saturated colors add up to the beauty of this boat. The design appears to be quite innovative with magnif...
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Stylish and Elegant Bugatti Veyron Sang Bleu Yacht Concept

Ben Walsh from GM's Advanced Design Studio of UK has created an excellent yacht concept, the 30-foot long Sang Bleu. This opulent and super-sleek motor yacht chooses its design cues from the pioneering Sang Bleu Grand Sport variant of the supercar, the last special version of the Veyron to be designed. The Slang Bleu yacht features a carbon fiber with an aluminum exterior and an exclusive interior concept. As stylish and elegant as it looks, without any doubt, the yacht is much more expensive. A...
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Luxury Bairim Yacht by Timon Sager

Creating something unusual and pioneering in the opulent yacht design world appears to be a tough job. However, the new Bairim magnificent concept yacht by Timon Sager stays unique from other yacht designs. The elegant lines of the Bairim yacht are certainly sound enough to make the affluent crave for one. This luxury yacht features a no-resistance design, which has been hydro-dynamically optimized for it to move fast via rough waters. It features a stairway behind the yacht for trouble-free acc...
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Voronoi 125-meter Long Megayacht by Hyun-Seok Kim

The designer of Voronoi yacht, which is 125 meter long, said that he tried to build an exclusive and enjoyable opulent yacht. He named this megayacht as Voronoi that originated from Voronoi pattern. This 20-meter beam max single hull megayacht will certainly satisfy guests while they are on board. The most striking feature of this yacht is that it is surrounded by voronoi structure plus indoor garden and alluring swimming pool being outfitted on the bridge deck. There is a main salon where every...
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Strand Craft 166 Yacht by Gray Design

Designed completely around an automotive theme by renowned Eduard Gray of Gray Design is the all-new Strand Craft 166. As daring as it appears to be, this uncompromising super yacht is perfect for owners who are aficionados of that new leather smell. The yacht's low stand, tremendous length and curled groups give it dynamic aesthetic, which is sure to turn heads in well-appointed marinas. Adding glam to its sleek profile is the retractable flybridge as well as radar mast, which retreat in to ...
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Pelican 80 Yacht by Gianluca Tramonti Features Sporty Lines and Attractive Design

The Pelican80 is a new 80-feet planning motor cruiser built in composite, with showy lines and eye-catching design. The highlights of this brilliant yacht are certainly the new silhouette of the sheer line plus the design of the awning located right above the superstructure. While the yacht’s aesthetics is extremely dynamic, each element tends to emphasize the dynamic effects of waves mirrored from the profile of the boat. The upper deck features a large living room, furnished with all comfort...
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TOFI 12mt Trimaran Was Inspired by Tropical Fish

TOFI 12mt trimaran is an innovative yacht design concept, which features simple lines that expresses gratifying, casual vacation and noteworthy yacht experience. The designer who was highly inspired by the tropical fish that stimulated him to imagine the tremendous features of under sea world, named this small and cute trimaran as TOFI. To symbolize the underworld sea world, the designer focused on 3 prominent features including natural beauty, thrill and fun and also designed several aspects fo...
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Galatea 56 Yacht Targets Young and Successful Professionals

Galatea 56 Yacht has been designed with aim to offer the market a new boat sober and exciting. It targets young successful professionals that will enjoy a modern and elegant atmosphere inside this yacht. Galatea 55 has been formed to develop long-term stays on board in comfort and relaxation, thanks to a style of navigation that points to the pleasure of the journey rather than the busy reaching the goal. Designer : PamaDesign (more…)...
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Ark Angel LSV Is Faster and Greener Than Any Megayacht in Its Class

Ark Angel LSV (Life Support Vessel) by Sauter Carbon Offset Design is claimed to be faster and greener than any megayacht in its class. It maximizes ecology, energy, and efficiency in fuel consumption and GHG emissions. Featuring Daimler EPA “on road” turbo compound engines, this solar hybrid Ark angel LSV offers the cleanest marine propulsion system in the world. To give you some clues, at 28knots fuel consumption and CO2 emissions are reduced by 50%, at 18 knots by up to 75% and at 14 knot...
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