Triton Eco-Friendly Warning System by Dr. Hakan Gursu from DesignNobis

Triton eco-friendly warning system is a great alternative marine equipment to be used as guidance system at the sea. It’s been designed as a self-sustained system, this device takes advantage of the sun and wind power as its main power source. T...
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Space65′ Yacht : Timeless Yacht Design That Features Huge Transparency Glass Dome

This is a first sneak preview of the Space65' yacht waiting for its official presentation later this year. This is the real superstar of Florence-based Italian design firm Keyframe Studio. The success of this day cruiser has been enormous. The numero...
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The Campcraft for Great Experience Outdoor by Austin Blough

The Campcraft offers a more intimate experience with the great outdoors than other watercraft that enclose you inside of a hull. Meant for cruising and camping along rivers and inland lakes, the Campcraft offers better stability, adaptable storage an...
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Wally Ace Motor Yacht Features Luxurious Accommodations and Smooth Ride for Its Passengers

Wally Ace motor yacht is a huge open space motor yacht like no other. It offers the next level of light and quality design, the best you can have compared to any yacht in its class. The owner will enjoy his or her suite aft that has direct access to ...
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Powercat 115 Yacht Features 3-Body-Design for Smooth Turn Even at High Speed

This Powercat 115 Yacht concept proposes the best of both worlds on the water: relaxing real-estate when docked or anchored at bay, coupled with power and agility to satisfy any thrill seeker. The problem with traditional catamarans is that they tend...
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Gran Marlin 46 Yacht by KeyframeStudio

Gran Marlin 46 yacht is a winning project of the 2012 Millenium Yacht Design Award (MYDA) that brings you the classic sport lines of Fisher-man boats in the form of a large-motor yacht. Designed by KeyframeStudio, a Florence based yacht design studio...
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Fiorella Yacht Blossoms Like A Flower

Fiorella Yacht is a small and cute yacht for fun and casual recreation. Designed by Hyun-Seok Kim, this yacht will remind you about the pleasure of seeing beautiful flowers that blossom and a variety of butterflies around when you have a picnic in th...
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Antigone 80m Yacht by PamaDesign

Antigone 80m yacht has been designed to sail around the world. The concept was born in a few minutes in the hand of fast tract artists while the sketch was made by Alessandro Pannone (even before the idea). Slowly, this sketch was transformed into fi...
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FoldBoat 2 Special Dock Edition : Quick and Easy Boat

Unlike the first version, FoldBoat 2 Special Dock Edition doesn’t fold into a transport pack, yet it remains in a flat sheet of 2.5m x 1.5m. The design can be said a simplified model of Boat 1 where user can put together everything under 2 minutes ...
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A50 Open Catamaran by Janne Leppanen

A50 open catamaran is a design concept from Finland industrial designer, Janne Leppänen, as part of his graduation work. The main idea was to design a catamaran which is able to accommodate three to four people and be as environmentally friendly as ...
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Ribbon 45 SC Yacht Is Ready to Take Off!

What was once a concept, now, Ribbon 45 SC yacht is ready to take off! Ribbon Yachts, a maritime design and manufacture company based in the Netherlands, has teamed up with Vripack, naval architecture, engineering and brokerage organization, to desig...
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My 50m 50 Meter Yacht Features A Revolution In Luxury And Fun

Motion Code: Blue, an Austrian yacht design studio, has came out with a super yacht concept named My 50M yacht, which is a perfect showcase of luxury and fun through an ultramodern and elegant design. The yacht has a massive 50 meter length, packed w...
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Easy Boat by Nyda Design

Easy Boat project was the result from the desire to give a boat a new life starting from an existing and unused hull. The main objective was the design a multi-purpose boat that not only fishing enthusiasts can use it, but also a family who wants to ...
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Dune 90 Explorer Superyacht Is Inspired by Stealth Frigates and Swerving Dunes

The Dune 90 Explorer superyacht is a “full reset” as far as superyacht design goes. As new generations of yacht designers are entering the market, often with a fresh and unbiased approach to yacht design, the focus for obtaining the most conspicu...
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Tropical Island Paradise Mega Yacht by Yacht Island Design

Yacht Island Design introduces a magnificent and innovative yacht, Tropical Island Paradise. The main idea was to create a pleasant floating island with all features that a tropical island has built into this mega yacht. From the early stage as you c...
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