PlanetSolar : The World’s First Solar-Powered Boat That Travels Around The World

PlanetSolar boat set sail from Monaco at September 27th, 2010 to travel around the world using exclusively solar energy. The team has completed the journey and crossing the finish line back in Monaco, this means they are the world’s first solar-pow...
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Limited Edition Z-Boat by Zaha Hadid

Kenny Schacter has commissioned Zaha Hadid to design a limited edition speedboat for his personal use, Z-Boat. This is the man who has everything you’ve been dreaming of, checkout his jaw dropping collection, from plush alligator chair by Campana B...
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Albatross Yacht Features Two Smaller Boats That Are Ready to Sail Independently

Albatross yacht is a 200m mega yacht that also features two skimmer boats that are always ready to sail independently. This concept yacht takes privacy and functionality to a higher level, you can separate any party or a meeting to different yacht an...
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Onde 300 Yacht by Federico Pacini

ONDE 300 yacht was born as part of reinterpreting the form of an old boat to hydroplane, and concept studies of a great designer of the past. It is a 92-meters megayacht, a project that is characterized by a desire to combine maximum comfort, high pe...
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FloodHopper : A Self Inflating Life Raft for Flash Flood Disaster Areas by James Barford

The Floodhopper has been designed for flash flood disasters areas. Its main features that make it different from other rescue boats, is that it can be inflated from inside the home or the occupied building. This life raft is capable of feeding throug...
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Ferrari E110 Eléganté Exotic Speedboat by Abdul Wahid

The Ferrari E110 Elegante is a dynamic unique speedboat, inspired by aeronautical design with feminine body structure and styling cues from the Ferrari 458. This is a design submission from British automotive designer, Abdul Wahid, that brings togeth...
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Kinetic 660 Yacht by Jaewan Jeong

Kinetic 660 Yacht is designed by the same industrial designer who designed the magnificent Gladiator Bike. Although this transportation design is less futuristic than the bike, but still, it features stylish and elegant lines. This yacht has been des...
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Rieul Floating Home with Dock for Yacht Owner

If yacht owners want to park their yacht at commercial marina, they have to pay mooring fee and normally the fare is pretty high depending on the size of the mooring and the length of your stay. Moorings are usually available on first come first serv...
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Tender Capri 13m Boat by Alessandro Pannone Architect

Tender Capri 13m boat is a dream boat designed to provide you the freedom of navigating in the deep blue sea. Designed by an architect, this boat design was inspired by a mythical creature in Greek mytology called Siren, a women-like creature that lu...
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Beautiful and Sleek Cristiana Yacht by Hyun-Seok Kim

In this Cristiana yacht project, Hyun-Seok Kim, the designer, focused more on comfortable and useful yacht design ranging in length from 42 ft. to 45 ft. This beautiful yacht LOA is 13-meter, Beam max is 4.2-meter. Compared to other competitors, Cri...
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Enjoy A Beautiful Summer Concert on Allochroous Yacht

Allochroous Yacht is the winner of 2012 Millenium Yacht Design Award (MYDA) in Dream Boat Category. Designed by Ezgi Aksan, Turkish designer, and Ambra Ceronetti, Italian designer, adjective in English which means “changing color...
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Cronos Yacht Design Concept by Simone Madella and Lorenzo Berselli

Cronos Yacht Design concept is a design submission from Simone Madella and Lorenzo Berselli, Italian students who are currently studying BYT (bike, yacht and train) class at the European Institute of Design. Cronos Yacht Design concept has received a...
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SERION E60 Yacht : A Future 60 Ft. Yacht for Long Range Journeys by Motion Code Blue

The Austrian design studio motion code: blue has released its latest design concept SERION E60 Yacht which was generated by Benjamin Julian Toth, a student of the University of applied sciences FH Joanneum for Industrial Design, Graz Austria as a dip...
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Triton Eco-Friendly Warning System by Dr. Hakan Gursu from DesignNobis

Triton eco-friendly warning system is a great alternative marine equipment to be used as guidance system at the sea. It’s been designed as a self-sustained system, this device takes advantage of the sun and wind power as its main power source. T...
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Space65′ Yacht : Timeless Yacht Design That Features Huge Transparency Glass Dome

This is a first sneak preview of the Space65' yacht waiting for its official presentation later this year. This is the real superstar of Florence-based Italian design firm Keyframe Studio. The success of this day cruiser has been enormous. The numero...
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