C.R.A.B. Robot Will Revolutionize Future Police Force With Advance Robotics And AI

While the most favorite superhero RoboCop needed a car to get to the crime spot, C.R.A.B. robot is an all-in-one solution for the safety of future civilization featuring a superb combination of a patrol police officer, armed guard and a patrol police vehicle without the need of a driver.

The key goal of the concept was to revolutionize the nature of policing through artificial intelligence and advanced robotics. This spider like robot concept features six mechanical legs, making it able to travel over rough and uneven terrains, and incorporates next-generation armor protection and weaponry to ensure maximum efficiency of the future police force. Incorporating hydraulics beneath the body enables the robot to adjust its height as and when required to have a visual over a barrier. The robot is going through its development process for last 12 years conducted by mega-corporation Omni Consumer Products and weapon manufacturer Dalton/Stanley which would be the first step of robotics in the field of future defense system.

Designer : Jamie Martin

c.r.a.b. robot

c.r.a.b. robot

c.r.a.b. robot

c.r.a.b. robot

c.r.a.b. robot

c.r.a.b. robot

c.r.a.b. robot

c.r.a.b. robot

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Stephen Russell says: August 5, 2010

Apps for:

Prison Security

General Security

Crowd Control

Gun support.

Border patrol.



VIP events.

guard Hi Theft items IE artworks.

& now add wheels for Rapid movement anyplace & retract crab legs.

Give head 360 degree firing range & add Minigun

Echelon says: August 27, 2010

After all, nothing says Dystopia like a 10 foot tall hexapod battle-mech used for police work. Creepy concept.

Chris says: September 12, 2010

Was the fact the thing looks like one of the droidikas from Star Wars Ep I intentional?

Nathaniel says: February 18, 2011

wow, We must ban that thing, any flaw could end a person's life. That and robot overlords with this magnitude could kill us all.

Lawrence says: December 2, 2011

how is that going to be useful in close quarters that wont fit in a door or ally way on the crab is coming run inside

shinobi says: September 30, 2012

nice work but very impractical

Helix says: May 23, 2013

it looks like a turret from portal with more legs and height if anyone failed to notice

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