Aard Is An Efficient And Functional Combination Of A Wind Turbine And Solar Energy Plant

When power would be the most concerned issue for future civilization, designing energy efficient product is not enough; rather, power generating systems that can transform natural energy into usable power is more important. Aard concept combines a wind and solar power accumulating system into a sleek and simple product with a goal to contribute to the future power requirements.

This concept with a round shape features flexible photovoltaic modules that can accumulate solar power during daytime, also when wind gets strong, the ball starts with spin and produces electricity through the dynamos with each of the eight wings. The aluminum construction with basic blue color have given the product a beautiful look that can complement to the urban architectural environment as well as areas that are covered by nature. Moreover, the round shape of the product eliminates the need of turn and adjusting it according to the direction of sunshine.

Designer : Arttu-Matti Immonen






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6 thoughts on “Aard Is An Efficient And Functional Combination Of A Wind Turbine And Solar Energy Plant

  1. I wonder if whether a simple umbrella shape would work better, after all you won't get much direct lighting on the lower portion of the sphere. With a umbrella shape you could angle it dynamically into the sun/wind (sort of like a sunflower) to get a optimal exposure. Another advantage would be the ability to invest the material saved on the bottom into extending the blades/"petals".

  2. This is not possible to build yet commercially because of the low output to ridiculously high cost of thin film solar. The wind is the easy part, the solar is just not commercially viable yet. That whole thing will give you maybe 35 watts peak in solar. And cost you 500-1000 euro just for the solar parts (inverter, controller). Our R&D department tried something like this a couple years back, it worked as a protype, on the business end, it was not viable and they eneded up scrapping the project. Its a science experiment at best.

    -New Product Project Manager

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