Brazier Mikado Fireplace by Joost Van Veldhuizen

Brazier Mikado fireplace features minimalist design and high portability. It’s a steel fireplace in black, compact and lightweight, you can move it from one place to another easily, perfect for outdoor events. There’s no price label yet, it seems that you have to pre-order to own one.

Designer : Joost Van Veldhuizen

Brazier Mikado Fireplace

Brazier Mikado Fireplace

Brazier Mikado Fireplace

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expresssameday says: January 24, 2013

very good article you have posted here.

flaw says: January 22, 2014

good idea but what about the hot embers falling through the large gaps between supports

Kate says: March 10, 2014

As flaw just suggested…the ash and burning sensation can ruin the platform it is sitting on…or is there a hidden feature to this design? Looks awesome, however the practicality looks a little dubious.

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