Futuristic SIH eVTOL Concept by Fenton Robathan

Submitted by Fenton Robathan, SIH eVTOL concept was designed with simplicity in mind. It does not rely on any tilting nozzles, wings, or rotors to achieve vertical take-off. Instead, SIH uses thrust difference between the front and rear sets of propellers to achieve lift-off power. A retractable forward landing wheel also supports the process, it pitches the SIH to the correct angle for lift-off. The retractable landing gear has steps on its sides to help users to get in and out of the vehicle.

The design language of the SIH is the culmination of iconic automotive styling and NASA concept aircraft research. The fuselage is shaped to provide lift during forward flight, in a similar manner to NASA’s lifting body aircraft. Unlike NASA’s lifting body aircraft, SIH is designed to work at much slower speeds. The underside surface area of the SIH fuselage when at the correct angle of attack will naturally lift in forward flight. The SIH mainly relies on the eight electric motors that drive four sets of contra-rotating propellers.

Futuristic SIH eVTOL Concept by Fenton Robathan

Futuristic SIH eVTOL Concept by Fenton Robathan

This powertrain provides enough thrust to carry two occupants. The vehicle has a hybrid powersource, consisting of a small battery and hydrogen fuel cells. These hydrogen fuel cells give the SIH a longer flight time for forward flight and make the aircraft lighter than if it were to use one large battery. The small battery provides instant power needed for vertical flight.

Futuristic SIH eVTOL Concept by Fenton Robathan

At 5.6m long and 2.4m wide the SIH can fit into a normal car parking space, improving the accessibility of the vehicle as it would not need a special roof parking space or helipad to land on. Designed by Fenton Robathan, you can contact the designer through his email [email protected] or Instagram account http://www.instagram.com/khazimodo/.

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