BeltBuckle Design with Sliding Condom Holder

When you are preparing for a date, one of the most important things you carry is condoms. Obviously, neither any of you can afford to forget taking it with you, nor would like to carry this stuff in a way that can be easily spotted. This custom  designed beltbuckle is a handy belt buckle with sliding condom holder that will serve both the purposes in an effective way. You can pick a belt of your preference and attach any of these belt buckles of two available finishes, shiny silver and dark black, with it. The depth of the buckle is 8mm that can easily make enough room for tow condoms at a time.

beltbuckle with sliding condom inside

beltbuckle with sliding condom inside

beltbuckle with sliding condom inside

Designer : Haikun Deng

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krishna says: August 1, 2009

Creative and essential concept buddy

mark rob says: September 15, 2009
assmonkey says: November 4, 2009

Very useful for horny guys…. I LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Seriously? says: June 3, 2011

Where do I get this belt buckle? A lot of people asking, no one gets a reply.

Tuvie says: June 3, 2011

This belt buckle is only a concept.

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