Luxury Sentori 58R Yacht Design is Inspired by Automotive Design

The new stylish yacht is simply a designer marvel as the design seems to have been inspired by sports car. The exterior design is aerodynamically strong as it is in all the sports cars, so one can say that it’s the designer among yacht. But it seems that the designers won’t leave any stone unturned as even the interior seems to be quite inspired to give that luxury feeling. The interiors are quite apt for contemporary living while the same has been added with a number of innovative gadgets which actually complete the overall look. It’s time to jet set go!

sentori yacht

sentori yacht

Christian says :

“SENTORI 58R is a flybridge motor yacht, with three decks, a length of about 18m and a displacement of 28to.

The general exterior- design language of the vessel is mainly inspired by automotive design, using surface tensions and automotive, coupe- type key elements.

Exterior features: on SENTORI 58R a part of the windshield is acting as a door and guarantees direct access to the sunbathing area at the bow. directly below the sunbathing area the fender compartment is located which is accessible by opening the whole cover. Further more there are features such as a splitable, loweralbe bathing platform, a very low equipment carrier and a skylight-wetbar element on the flybridge deck.

Interior design and main features: the design language of SENTORI’s interior mainly uses floating elements which deal with the different levels and stairs harmonically. in general, the idea of modern and loft-like living on the sea was the foundation of SENTORI’s interior concept. Besides, the purpose was to gain a maximum of variability. SENTORI is able to serve rooms on demand: the guest cabin is not only a bedroom but can also be connected to the owner’s state room to extend the living area if wanted. therefore it can as well be used as an office, providing a desk and lounge.”

sentori yacht

sentori yacht

Designer : Christian Gumpold and Christopher Gloning

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2 thoughts on “Luxury Sentori 58R Yacht Design is Inspired by Automotive Design

  1. i like your yacht, its soper dooper cool. can you send me the full design plan of your yacht? i really admired this design

  2. This type of engineering and ingenuity is what amazes me about humanity. This is a really nice yacht and I hope that innovation like this continues.

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