10-Square Meters Smart Student Unit Is A Smart, Green, and Affordable House for Student

This Smart Student Unit was built on only 10-square meters space by Tengbom Architects in order to offer student with an affordable, eco-friendly, and smart house. The project is the result of collaboration between wood manufacturer Martinson and real estate company AF Bostäder. The main goal is clearly stated here, it is to design a habitat that meets student’s needs in smart, sustainable, and affordable, you can find one of these units being displayed in Virserum Art Museum. It is said that 22 units will be built and ready for students to move into in 2014.

10-square meters living space sounds really small, doesn’t it? But this compact living flat still offers comfortable sleeping loft, kitchen, bathroom, and even a small garden with a patio. Smart layout and the use of cross laminated wood making the rent is reduced by 50% while any carbon footprints and ecological impact are also drastically reduced.

Designer : Tengbom Architects
Photographer: Bertil Hertzberg

Smart Student Units by Tengbom Architects

Smart Student Units by Tengbom Architects

Smart Student Units by Tengbom Architects

Smart Student Units by Tengbom Architects

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cjhfeui says: September 19, 2013

the mini house is sweet

JAn says: September 19, 2013

Not sure w hat is green about it- What is the wood and why is it green
Where do you suppose the student would find the land to put it on ?
Jan T

Mak says: September 20, 2013

Why not a solar panel roof to power it off the grid.

sheila d says: September 20, 2013

Looks like Fred Flintsones house. Splinters galore.

Ken says: October 15, 2013

And just how are you supposed to access the bed? Don't tell me via those tiny steps along the wall. That's a recipe for disaster. Would like to have seen the bathroom. Nice concept though.

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