Timeless Design Poul Henningsen Grand Piano

Brilliant and crystal clear, that’s the sound promised to you coming from Poul Henningsen Grand Piano. A unique piano designed in 1931 yet still belongs to the future. As you can see here, it’s not your conventional grand piano, it features light and open design that was based on the conversation with famous Danish Jazz pianist, Leo Mathiesen. Mathiesen told Henningsen about how hard to see his bass player while on stage due to the opaque wooden piano lid. So, Henningsen designed a piano with curved legs to provide more room for percussion instruments in an ensemble set-up, the music desk was uniquely molded to match the lid as single transparent shell.

Designer : Poul Henningsen

Poul Henningsen Grand Piano

Poul Henningsen Grand Piano

Poul Henningsen Grand Piano design features Plexiglas fallboard that unveils the inside mechanism, highlighting the beauty and precision of the inner workings of the instrument, now crafted by Blüthner. This piano becomes timeless Scandinavian icon which suits today’s modern environment.

Poul Henningsen Grand Piano

Poul Henningsen Grand Piano

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