Teardrop Shaped Futuristic Kalisto Electric Personal Vehicle

Be it style or comfort, the Kalisto meets your daily needs. Few aspects such as easy access, dexterity, minimal maintenance combined with hyper stylish look makes Kalisto the ideal choice for contemporary city commuters. Kalisto has been designed for people who wish to have a stylish and efficient vehicle for short and medium distance travels. Watch the world via the big panorama windows of Kalisto and have an enjoyable travel experience. Just like the iPhone, this Electric Personal Mobility has been designed by Niklas Wejedal to be a fashion statement. The cover of the vehicle opens forward or upward in order to accommodate easy access. The opening could be manual, semi or fully automatic. The vehicle features room for the driver and a single passenger plus some luggage. Kalisto will certainly be the most sleek and proficient vehicles on the market. Built to be aerodynamic, the Kalisto’s bio-design tear drop silhouette body is the outcome of efficiency plus beauty combined. From every angle, the vehicle looks stunning and elegant.

Designer : Niklas Wejedal

Kalisto by NanikStudio

Kalisto by NanikStudio

Text from Niklas Wejedal:
Get around town quickly and cleanly, go shopping or to work. The Kalisto meets your every-day needs, in style and comfort. Travel alone or with one passenger, watch the world trough the big panorama windows. Easy access, agility and a minimum of maintenance required combined with hyper sophisticated looks makes the Kalisto the perfect choice for modern city commuters.

Kalisto Measures:

  • Length: 107.3’’ ( 2726 mm)
  • Width: 66.2’’ (1682 mm)
  • Height: 74.6’’ ( 1895 mm)
  • Wheelbase: 72,6’’ (1845 mm)
  • Wheels: 16’’ Rims

Kalisto by NanikStudio

Kalisto by NanikStudio

Kalisto by NanikStudio

Kalisto by NanikStudio

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11 thoughts on “Teardrop Shaped Futuristic Kalisto Electric Personal Vehicle

  1. I don't see how looks effect how efficiently you commute. I am getting very pissed at how tinee tiny the cars of the future are! WHY?!?! BESIDES, this thing doesn't look like it'll protect you from a collision WITH A HORSE!!!
    Do you know how hard a helicopter is to fly?

  2. If a car looks like a brick, it have to use more fuel to push itself trough the air, if it looks like a tear drop or a fish the air resistance is far less, which means more energy efficiency. It is called aerodynamics – Pretty basic stuff for any vehicle design – check it up! If you already knew about this, think before writing next time.

    When you commute to work, you really don't need more than this to travel. It saves building material, fuel costs and space in the city, so that you don't have to spend half an hour or more to find a parking space. If you are traveling far, with a lot of passengers and luggage, this is not the right car to choose. But if you are only transporting yourself and your briefcase/backpack/whatever, you don't really need an Escalade to do the job, now, do you? We can not go on using up all the earth resources as the American popular lifestyle wants us to believe – we have to be more responsible and efficient. Time to wake up and start caring and thinking what we are doing to our planet.

    This car would be built from super strong composite plastic, much like the Aptera, with a high tensile steal beam structure and acrylic windows, it will be safe enough – besides, how often do you risk to collide with horses in your suburban neighborhood, on the highway or in the city center??? This is not intended for farm/countryside use.

    The helicopter is a sci-fi concept design, based on the same cock-pit shape, but it is not intended for any one to fly it.

  3. Aerodynamics is a small portion of what matters in conceptual vehicle design. There are countless other functional issues that haven't been addressed, and I believe that is what is causing this confusion. Size and shape is really only contributing to the aesthetics, wind resistance, and traffic (parking, etc.) . Other things that could possibly make this a stronger idea could be is maneuverability, engine, (electric, combustion, kinetic, hydrogen powered) frame, suspension, and the pure interaction between the driver and the vehicle. Pushing new concepts are great inspirations that lead to better innovations. I think you've got a great idea and I would love to see it pushed further. You seem to have a keen eye for design, make it happen!

  4. FINALLYYYYYYY something Awesome! I wanna one!!! The break ERA is OVER! I love specially the capacity of flying as well.
    For the people who is BREAK ignorant …. they are materials much more lighter and safer that the HOrrible regular cars….Aptera is using them, so you better check out ! <3 congratulation to the designer!

  5. Thanks for the nice conclusion of your comment! I am looking for sponsors/investors or collaborating companies to take this design to the next level.

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