Spooled by The Other Edge Design

Tangled cord is really annoying, thank God there are many accessories on the market that can help us solve this issue. One of them is Spooled which has been designed to protect the ear buds themselves by stashing them in the center. When you’re done listening to your multimedia player, just insert the jack through the hole from inside bottom to top, pull it until the ear buds safe inside the protective cover, finally wrap the cords around the spool and you can stash back the jack inside the barrel.

Designer : The Other Edge Design

Spooled by Donald Corey

Inspired by the old wooden threat spools, this simple product makes winding and unwinding the cord very easy. It’s been developed to meet our modern lifestyle. Spooled is a simple solution to a very frustrating problem, with 100% silicone constructions, this product is soft, grippy and durable.

Spooled by Donald Corey

Spooled by Donald Corey

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