SmartTravel – Future Automatic Public Transport System

Jaxon Douglas has designed SmartTravel, a futuristic transport system which can transport 12 people while taking minimum road space possible. This automatic transport has provision for four people to stand and wheelchair for the disabled. It is powered by battery, wherein the same is energized through ground by wireless energy system. Overall it ensures optimum utilization of space in the interiors, while still being spacious and classy. Thus there is a new twist age old notion of economy vs comfort!

smarttravel future cab

smarttravel future cab

smarttravel future cab

smarttravel future cab

Designer : Jaxon Douglass

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2 thoughts on “SmartTravel – Future Automatic Public Transport System

  1. Nice,

    Test one in LA CA for the MTA.

    Or SF Bay area for BART system augment.

    Nice wireless power system.


    Must expand on worldwide.

    Add Dble decker model

    Carry 60

    For Airports?




    Theme Parks


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