Scout : Futuristic Two Seater Vehicle by Norio Fujikawa

Designers from all over the world are always trying to create faster, rare and more functional transportation concepts. Scout is such a two seater concept vehicle with two turbine engines that can attain top speed of around 400 to 500 mph and a low altitude lift. The designer has envisioned the vehicle in an exceptional way. Most of the viewers during their first look will get puzzled with the narrower end of the vehicle. While such narrower ends of other vehicles acts as the front, Scout has been designed in a different and innovative broader front outline.

scout jet

scout jet

scout jet

scout jet

scout jet

scout jet

Designer : Norio Fujikawa

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4 thoughts on “Scout : Futuristic Two Seater Vehicle by Norio Fujikawa

  1. The Land Speeder LIVES & as does those Land Racers from Star Wars 3 The Phantom Menace.


    Id love to ride in one X No Africa.

    Be sweet ride.

    Very cool.

    Build a demo model & test rig.

    Use in Sci Fic Channel movies.

    or next 007 movie.

    Iron Man 2

    Transformers 3.

    X Men 4.


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