ICIO Offers Effective Solution Of Transfer Vehicles For The Elderly Community

When an efficient means of mobility can enhance the independence, activeness and responsibility of senior citizens, why not offering them ICIO, an innovative transportation solution concept specially designed for senior communities to meet all their most cherished needs. Considering the more they will remain active, the more they will be healthy, the general sense of undervaluing senior citizens can be eliminated which also would contribute to the development of the society. Besides, this concept helps people who are having difficulties and are unhindered to walk, carrying them from one place to another efficiently. Also, if the user wants to have a walk, he or she can be aided with ICIO by transforming it into a walker-size product.

Designer : Malin Grummas





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5 thoughts on “ICIO Offers Effective Solution Of Transfer Vehicles For The Elderly Community

  1. I love this design! As my mother is having a harder time walking distances her ability to participate in community events is limited… she needs a sleek looking unit that takes up little space and makes her feel good!

  2. Hello I’m interested very much in the ICIO walker with chair.

    Look forward to your reply.

    Thank you


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