Puma X-Cat DISC Concept Shoes Are Based on BMW Gina’s Fabric Material

Remember the famous BMW Gina Light concept car? It was introduced in 2008, this iconic concept features a seamless fabric outer shell, a flexible material stretched over a movable superstructure. Puma X-Cat DISC Concept Shoes are based on legendary BMW Gina Light.

This creative collaboration between Puma and BMW Designworks has resulted in revolutionary concept shoes. When BMW Designworks was tasked to collaborate with BMW’s partners, it has led to the design process of the development for this visionary shoes. The first approach was to take a look at every aspect of shoe making, to create a new and futuristic design.

Designer : PUMA and BMW Designworks

Puma X-Cat DISC Concept Shoes

Puma X-Cat DISC Concept Shoes

BMW GINA’s material is lightweight, flexible, and ergonomic. Combined with PUMA’s operable DISC technology, it creates X-Cat DISC shoes with a system where the disc pulls internal wires to close and open the shoe, no more shoe laces. The stretchable GINA material would wrap around your foot like a second skin. X-Cat DISC shoes are about lightweight, adaptability, and performance, it is infused with the spirit of GINA where your foot becomes the chassis of the shoe itself.

Puma X-Cat DISC Concept Shoes

Puma X-Cat DISC Concept Shoes

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