POD Zero Autonomous Vehicle for UK in 2015

Teamed up with Transport Systems Catapult (TSC), RDM Group will lead the way into the production of autonomous vehicles for UK for the LUTZ Pathfinder program. POD Zero Autonomous Vehicle would be the first project that puts these pods into UK streets sometime in 2015. These pods will be designed to provide solution for urban mobility, meaning, future driving would be fuel-free, emissions free, no more accidents, or any traffic jam. It’s a 2-seater electric pod which can be driven manually or autonomously for more than 40km with a full charged battery. In autonomous mode, user can easily call the pod via a smartphone app which is integrated with the vehicle control system, this vehicle will wait for its passengers at a pre-determined collection point. Due to its compact design and practicality, this vehicle can be used for many different requirements, it can be used to cruise around the city, golf courses, holiday parks, or even shopping centers.

Designer : RDM Group

POD Zero Autonomous Vehicle by RDM Group

POD Zero Autonomous Vehicle by RDM Group

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