Organic Motion Bike is Based on Z-Frame Concept

One can say without a hitch of a doubt that the bicycle is one of the most environment friendly modes of transportation designed by man. It also is a good medium of exercise so to say as the driving force is one of organic human effort. This new bicycle design called OM-Organik Motion is based on the Z – frame concept, which features integrated systems such as integrated front and rear suspension and an integrated shaft drive. The handlebars and saddle are adjustable and the joystick mounted gear and brake lever system are incorporated along with safety features such as reflectors on the outer wheels and in built-in taillight. Enjoy!

ovi organik motion bike

ovi organik motion bike

[Press Release]
Organik Motion symbolizes an evolution of one of the world’s most cherished, widely used and ecologically friendly modes of modern, mechanical transportation – the bicycle.

ovi organik motion bike

Organik Motion seeks to combine existing basic ergonomics and functionality with state-of-the-art design, materials and technology. This enhances the bike’s overall ergonomics, performance and sustainability, hence, propelling this unique and inspiring mode of transportation further into the 21st century and into our hearts and lifestyles.

ovi organik motion bike

Organik Motion Is based on a Z-frame concept. It features a fully integrated braking system, integrated front and rear suspension systems, an integrated shaft drive and a height adjustable saddle and handlebars. This comes along with a joystick-mounted gear and break lever system, which is integrated in the ergonomic handlebars. Additionally, the bicycle features a static inner wheel system with safety features such as integrated reflectors on the rotating outer wheels and a taillight, which is mounted in the bike’s frame. Enjoy the ride…

ovi organik motion bike

ovi organik motion bike

Designer : Stevie Miles Brewu

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13 thoughts on “Organic Motion Bike is Based on Z-Frame Concept

  1. Hate to be a nay-sayer, cool bike design but that thing is so tilted forward my back would hurt in about 2 minutes of riding, and I've yet to see a reasonably working commercial version of a hubless wheel.

  2. ya, in some racing situations it might be ok, but you should try to raise and stretch forward the handles or something to straighten the riders back.

  3. i like it and i wanna bye it for self will u please guide me whee can i bye this one and what is the price of this bike

    i am in saudi arabia jeddah city

    thanks and regards

    imran shehzad

  4. i just lov it……..i just wanna buy it….im in india…wats the price of tat bike? i just wanna know…..plz reply as soon as possible

    – sunny

  5. This bike seems like an apple version of desktops. Normal Bike – one part breaks, buy that spare part. This bike – one part breaks, buy the whole thing.

  6. Rider position looks to be the same as a standard road bike. Any true cyclist should feel at home on it. It looks HOT! How will it's performance be on the road?

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