Minimal Phone With E-ink Display and Tactile Keyboard

Simple and efficient, Minimal Phone wants you to stay focus and increase your productivity while working with your phone. This smartphone features long-lasting E-ink display with tactile, full QWERTY keyboard. The MinimalOS promises to provide you with security, comfort, and productivity without distracting you from your focus, redefining smartphone experience.

The E-Ink display is gentle on your eyes, reduce strain while promoting better sleep. It is designed to discourage prolonged social media use, get you back on track for essential tasks such as emails and texts.

Minimal Phone With E-ink Display and Tactile Keyboard

The full QWERTY Keyboard of Minimal Phone is designed for quick and precise typing. It delivers a responsive alternative to counterbalance the E-Ink display’s refresh rate, it ensures efficient, comfortable texting and emailing for face-paced communication without the lag. Equipped with 4000mAh battery, Minimal Phone from TryMinimal offers up to four days of usage. The rapid charging allows from 0 to 80% in just 30 minutes and a full charge in just 1 hour.

Minimal Phone With E-ink Display and Tactile Keyboard

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