miBook PDA Teaches Skill in an Instant

The new miBook promises to change the whole definition of stereotypical chores that’s been associated with the respective gender. It’s a PDA with a 7″touchscreen and teaches skill through step-by-step videos and other multimedia. So whatever is the task be it changing diapers or gardening, miBook will surely teach you. The equipment costs $130 but it is sold without on-board memory. It also works as the digital picture frame and the format supported being MPEG video, MP3 audio and SD/xD/MS/MMC cards for cheaper storage.

miBook PDA

miBook PDA

miBook PDA

miBook PDA

miBook Title Topics


Not since the Joy of Cooking was published in 1931 has there been a major update to the cookbook – until now. miBook takes the guesswork out of translating a recipe on the page into a feast on the table. Step-by-step, miBook shows home cooks exactly how to cook a recipe, including what the dish should look like at every stage and how to do everything from sauté to flambé. miBook stops automatically after each step to allow the cook to perform the action. When ready, the cook pushes play to move on.

miBook also aids in choosing a recipe, which can be a task in itself. Simply select your desired main ingredient (beef, chicken, fish, pasta, etc.), cooking method (grilling, pan-frying, broiling, etc.), and the amount of time you have, and miBook automatically serves up the recipes that match your criteria.

miBook cooking titles include: Quick & Easy Meals, Irresistible Desserts, Healthy Cooking, Pastas Pizzas & Salads, Amazing Party Food: Appetizers & Desserts, and Healthy Cooking for Kids. Each title features 150 recipes, including ones featured on popular Food Network shows such as 30 Minute Meals with Rachael Ray, Quick Fix Meals with Robin Miller, Cooking Class with Wolfgang Puck, Ace of Cakes, Food 911, and Food Nation with Bobby Flay.

Home and Garden

Whether trying to fix a leaky faucet, redecorate a room, plant a tree, or build a deck, it helps to see exactly how it’s done. miBook goes step-by-step with up-close video clips to ensure that home projects get done correctly the first time.

Decorating and gardening titles guide users through both design and execution. The Home Decorating title, for example, helps decorators choose from suggested room styles, color palettes, furniture layouts, wall treatments, and more. Then it helps users complete the makeover with step-by-step guides on stenciling, wallpapering, staining, and applying faux finishes.

miBook home titles include: Decorating, Gardening, Simple Home Organizing, Home Projects, Home Repairs, and Outdoor living Projects. Project assistance comes from HGTV and the DIY Network, including such shows as Design on a Dime, Mission Organization, First Time Gardener, and Talking Dirty with the Queen of Clean.


Next time dad conveniently whines that he doesn’t know how to change a diaper, hand him one of miBook’s parenting titles. You’ll hear no more excuses. With content from Parents.tv, the sister network to Parents magazine, miBook brings every parenting activity vividly to life. See and hear how it’s done, from basic baby care like swaddling to fostering cognitive development. Each month, pregnant moms can see how a baby develops in the womb. Video interviews with OB/GYNs, pediatricians, nutritionists, parents, and kids help to illustrate tasks and development. miBook parenting titles include: Your Pregnancy, Baby’s First Year, Your Toddler, Your Child’s Health (0-12), Potty Training, and Games & Activities for Babies & Toddlers.


In a travel guide come to life with video clips, images and sound, travelers can explore attractions and museums, tour neighborhoods, and preview restaurants interactively and at their own pace.

miBook has a guide for every type of adventure. City guides include neighborhood walking tours, which show historical footage that bring the past to life. Inside museums, the miBook guides visitors to must-see exhibits, shows interviews with artists, clips of their hometown, and examples of their other works. Attraction guides highlight top rides and events. Highly interactive, miBook stops after each step, letting travelers proceed at their own pace. When it’s time to eat, by simply inputting preferred cuisine, neighborhood, ambience, and price range, the miBook instantly serves up the best choices. Discerning diners can even choose their meal locations before leaving their homes with video tours of each restaurant, including interior and exterior views, signature dishes, and menus – even hearing an interview with the chef.

miBook travel titles include: Boston, Las Vegas, New York, Orlando, San Francisco, Washington D.C., and The National Parks.

miBook can also be used as a digital photo album and frame, allowing users to show their photos individually or as a slideshow. miBook also plays home videos, Internet videos, and MP3s; it can either be wirelessly powered through its changeable lithium battery or with the included AC adaptor. The miBook menus can be conveniently navigated either with controls on the device or via the included wireless remote.

Designer : miBook via Gizmodo

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4 thoughts on “miBook PDA Teaches Skill in an Instant

  1. @rukiddingme, well you don't need this, but then again not everyone can operate a laptop. If they only need to know how to change baby diaper, they can go with this device instead of a laptop.

  2. good idea-crappy product

    I can't begin to tell you the horrible experience I've had with this piece of junk. the product. the interface. the horrible screen, the cheap plastic rattling parts. and most of all, the horrible customer service. Save yourself $130 + $30 chip and use the internet

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