Hari Pontoon – Solar Powered Bamboo Water Taxi for Nusa Penida, Indonesia

Combining modern and timeless design, Hari Pontoon is a solar powered bamboo water taxi. Featuring cutting-edge solar technologies and bamboo, this concept project would become a truly environmentally friendly water-based transportation. Bamboo is one of Earth’s practical natural materials, Bamboo is also one of fastest-growing plants, making it a sustainable and low-cost material for a boat.

Hari Pontoon is a concept project that offers an eco-friendly alternative to petrol-based boats, it can accommodate up to fifteen people or cargo loads and carry them safely on waterways in marine environments. Featuring twin-hull design, the material makes it affordable and versatile vessel, it’s easy to produce and doesn’t cost much.

Hari Pontoon - Solar Powered Bamboo Water Taxi

Extremely practical and sustainable, Hari Pontoon watercraft is also safe. The material makes this vessel naturally buoyant, yes, Bamboo is impressive material, it is self-replicating at great speeds. By taking advantage of solar energy to power its electric motors, this bamboo boat requires near zero maintenance. Using a single solar-powered electric motor, it is able to produce up to 60 horsepower and a cruising speed of 8 to 10 knots. Duffy London believes that Hari Pontoon can surpass modern vessels, which are usually expensive and in many ways are not up to the standard of quality.

Hari Pontoon is a project born out of collaboration between Duffy London and Living Waters, a new hotel in Nusa Penida, Indonesia. By combining locally sourced materials with modern technology, it is highly possible to develop low maintenance boat that doesn’t contribute to the release of Carbon Dioxide into our atmosphere. Indonesia is world’s largest island country, it consists more than 16,000 islands where watercraft is a vital transportation to support local economies and linking communities. The use of fossil fuel-powered boats contributes in poisoning waterways and atmosphere, therefore, Hari Pontoon project would be a great alternative. It’s eco-friendly, practical, and affordable.

Hari Pontoon - Solar Powered Bamboo Water Taxi

Hari Pontoon - Solar Powered Bamboo Water Taxi

Hari Pontoon - Solar Powered Bamboo Water Taxi

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Hari Pontoon - Solar Powered Bamboo Water TaxiHari Pontoon - Solar Powered Bamboo Water Taxi

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