Growing Baby Stroller Transforms Into Children Tricycle

Growing is a concept baby stroller that grows with your baby. It’s not an ordinary stroller, it can be transformed into a tricycle to address material wastage during child’s growth. The baby carrier is removable, along with adjustable components that make Growing can easily be converted from a stroller to children tricycle, giving this product a longer lifespan.

When in being used in stroller mode, the foldable baby carrier can be clipped to a three-wheeled base, then attach the handle to the rear. To use as tricycle, simply remove the baby carrier and reposition the handlebars to the front, raise the seat, fold out the pedals from the front wheel, voila, it’s ready to use. Taking advantage of a lever principle, the seat’s height and its distance from the front wheel is adjustable according to your preference.

Designers : Yue Han and Zhao Chang Sheng

Growing Baby Stroller by Yue Han and Zhao Chang Sheng

Growing Baby Stroller by Yue Han and Zhao Chang Sheng

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