Gjopi Calculates The Amount Of Movements And Guide Users To Achieve Their Exercising Goals

When exercising, a common intention among mass people is to skip their sessions giving themselves a mental satisfaction that, they have already had enough through their daylong activities. But chances are, the presumption might be wrong and you will fail to reach your ultimate goal of achieving a healthy body. Gjopi device has been designed with a shape and size of a USB drive that can be hanged around the neck which will calculate the total movements of your day and give a thorough result to show how much movements you had throughout the day and what you were supposed to have. These readings surely will be helpful for exercise session skippers and also for those who are having excessive sessions being over-concerned.

Designer : Linus Persson



Linus explanations :

This concept challenges and explores the way we perceive and experience everyday exercise. Everyday exercise could mean so much in so many different ways. But still – today – the tools that monitor and encourages us to move, also limits our perception of what everyday exercise means. In that process we also exclude people.

Gjopi was developed for young teenagers as a different angle on how to experience everyday movement. The concept is grounded on the level that all kinds of movement matters for the body, no matter the intensity. The device itself expresses very basic information whilst measuring time in movement and movement over time. It then presents this along 2 new types of goals that are developed to take a strong user perspective. Gjopi also enables the user to handle movement in 3 dimensions when linked to a cellphone or computer. Creating a totally different way of expressing motion turning it into something visual and relatable.

Broadening the perception of what is everyday exercise and then creating images out of movement opens up a world of possibilities for more people, I’d love to see this one become realized.




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