GAEAforms Leaf Hammock is Strong Enough for Two People

Simple engineering and innovation can turn simple things into extra-ordinary and useful stuffs. The Leaf hammock is the prominent example of this. The rope cradles are quite common as they are used in gardens and beaches for short time relaxation. But the Leaf Hammock is a much improved version of the rope cradles and it is good enough to be used as a piece of contemporary furniture at home. The hammock is spacious and strong enough to accommodate two people. The parrot green oval frame holds the close-knit rope-net firmly which makes it durable and comfy as well. The Hammock is aesthetically pleasant and can enhance the interior of your room.

leaf hammock

leaf hammock

leaf hammock

Designer : Pinar Yar and Tugrul Govsa

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One thought on “GAEAforms Leaf Hammock is Strong Enough for Two People

  1. Neat idea, but this wouldn't feel like a real hammock. Plus I've seen tightly knitted hammocks that can already hold two very large people without breaking. The problem that needs to be solved isn't the hammock itself, but rather the stand it mounts to.

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