D-CATCHER Offers Complete Dry Cloths in All Season

D-CATCHER is an innovative concept that has been designed to address various problems associated with drying cloths by hanging them in open air. In many Asian countries, hand washing the cloths and drying them by hanging up in the balcony is still very trendy due to the remarkable expenses for dry washing machines. But this process is hectic in several aspects like getting the floor wet and plenty of agony during rainy season. The D-CATCHER is a clump to be placed under the clothes which prevents water drop off and ensures no shrinking of the cloths. Moreover, it can preserve the water for further use which will help boosting the efficiency of using the natural resource.

d catcher offers complete dry cloths

d catcher offers complete dry cloths

d catcher offers complete dry cloths

Designer : Tian Lingrui

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